The Shipping News: “Supernatural” Returns and “Atlantis” Surfaces


Plus, Teen Wolf news from New York Comic Con and the problem with “woobifying” your favorite villain.

Fandom News

Thanks to New York Comic Con this past weekend, plenty of new tidbits of TV information are now circling the internet. Some of the biggest news for slash fans comes, of course, from the Teen Wolf panel, which announced that Teen Wolf has been renewed for a fourth season! …And is also getting a talk show? Okay, MTV, whatever you think is best.

Plot-wise, it sounds like Stiles is going to have an intense time in season 3B, but as per usual the hints about his arc have been tantalizingly vague. What we know: we will be learning more about Claudia Stilinski and how she died, Stiles will lose a “certain status,” Derek will become a “hero,” and the whole of 3B is going to play like a “psychological thriller.”

Latest casting news from Teen Wolf: a new Sheriff’s Deputy will be joining us in January. Actor Ryan Kelley will play Deputy Parrish, who is described as being “pretty young and very good-looking” and seems to be related in some way to the Beacon Hills mysteries he is investigating.

When hearing casting news, the question every shipper must eventually ask themselves is this: how will this character affect my OTP? And this question is especially important in the realm of Teen Wolf, a show that has such a vocal and powerful fandom, as well as a myriad of popular pairings. And if this Deputy Parrish does turn out to be a compelling character, let’s hope that he doesn’t follow in the footsteps of several past characters by a) getting killed off arbitrarily at the end of the season, or b) unexpectedly leaving the Teen Wolf show for greener television pastures.

Continuing the subject of Teen Wolf and its fandom, The Sterek Campaign has launched another Teen Wolf Charity Project. Like last time, the Campaign will be hosting a fanworks charity auction to benefit Wolf Haven International. You can still volunteer your talents with the project, so if you’re an author/artist/crafter interested in participating or a fan looking to do some good while enjoying your favorite pairings, head on over to read more about the project!

(source: The Sterek Campaign tumblr)

The Maze Runner movie adaptation premiere date has been delayed from February 14th, 2014 to September 19th, 2014. A several month jump, sure, but honestly I was still more upset to learn a few weeks ago that Finding Dori was pushed back ‘til 2016. QUIT DELAYING MY HAPPINESS, HOLLYWOOD.

On a happier note, The Maze Runner sequel movie based on The Scorch Trials has already been greenlit for production! The Mortal Instruments tried a similar move only to have production on the sequel delayed due to the first movie’s poor performance, so let’s hope that The Maze Runner does better in the box office. I’m sure we’ll all be very put out if Dylan O’Brien doesn’t make it back to the silver screen for the sequel.


The gritty UK superhero show Misfits is gearing up for a final season. A trailer has debuted in the last week and it looks promising – here’s to hoping the finale reclaims some of the show’s former brilliance and delivers a satisfying farewell.

The Road Thus Far: Supernatural Season Premiere

So who DIDN’T watch the Supernatural season 9 premiere last Tuesday? And did you love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Well, if you haven’t seen it, watch out for a few mild spoilers below.

Personally, as someone who feared that Dean and Castiel would remain separated and totally (tragically) out of contact for several episodes, I was very happy with their interactions in the season premiere. Dean’s moments of prayer were heart-wrenchingly honest and left me gutted, remembering just how far the two of them have come. The shift in Dean’s demeanor from vulnerable to fierce when he sends out the open call to all angels is perfect, and in that moment it becomes strikingly clear just how completely Cas has entered Dean’s small circle of family.

And the perfection continues. Dean’s cocky refusal to give up Castiel to the circling angels was amazing. Even when Dean himself doesn’t actually know where Castiel is, he doesn’t use that as an excuse; he wouldn’t give up Cas even if he knew exactly where the angel was. His loyalty is unshakable. He will protect Castiel no matter what. GOODBYE, FRIENDS, I AM GONE.


And then the phone call, the phone call asdkjflk. That brief exchange was, for me, one of the most satisfying Dean/Cas moments in the series thus far. The honesty, the raw concern – the feeling of the two men being friends and peers was awesome. No more doubting each other. Dean’s blatant worry and Castiel’s assumption that of course he’ll come to wherever Dean is – it’s more than my Destiel shipper heart can take, you guys, and I’m very excited to see where their relationship goes this season.

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