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Hey folks! It’s good to be back. Filling in for Arik who has a family illness to deal with. (Hope your  Gram gets well soon, Arik. Our wishes are with you and your family).

Also, since I wasn’t here last week, I don’t know if we’ve beaten around this bush or not, but could the main reason Sam is so affected by these trials be because he has Demon blood in him?

Anyways… now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, we open in the out-country backwater in Lost Creek, Colorado where Tommy Collins – hey, remember that kid Sam and Dean saved from the Wendigo like a forever ago? Yeah, that one – is on a vacation with his girlfriend.

The once kidnapped, twice shy hunk of man-candy gets paranoid when he starts hearing loud roars and between freaking himself and his girlfriend out, like the well-prepared Boy Scout that he is, he pulls out his portable flame-thrower… which turns out to be for naught, because the voices are only in his head. But something invisible attacks him and starts tearing him apart as if he was being attack by the Wendigo itself.

Tommy Collins, former Wendigo victim. Deceased.
Supernatural recap

Meanwhile, back at MOL-HQ… we return where we left off last week. Namely, our favorite starstruck pair reunited in the headlights of the Impala.

Sam and Dean are looking for a suitable demon to cure for their Final Trial – apparently the MOL kept records of every possession from Borden, Lizzie all the way to Crane, Ichabod – when Cas appears fresh from a good night’s sleep.

He even tries making a horrible small talk praising their “bunker” and Dean’s future ping-pong table, but Dean is having none of it. In fact, he even pretends that Cas isn’t there…

Because, as every other couple in the world knows, if there’s anything worse than sleeping on the couch, it’s the dreaded Silent Treatment. And poor Cas, untrained in the paltry customs of humanity, is learning it firsthand.

… and leaves to fix some breakfast for Sam, who’s all “I may be sick, but I’ll sleep when I’m dead”.

Cas and Sam commiserate over their non-Angel healing injuries, and the final test which is “to cure a demon”, when Dean returns with a half-drunk beer and some jerky and mini buttercups… and admits that they running low on supplies.

Cas, like any good partner-in-the-doghouse, volunteers to join Dean on his supply run and Dean finally, not only acknowledges him, but also starts calling him out on every mistake he did…

“You ignored us… You bolted with the Angel Tablet and lost  it because you didn’t trust  me. You didn’t trust me. Sorry’s not gonna cut it… not this time… So you can take your little apology and cram it up your a*s…”


When Cas argues that he thought he was doing the right thing, Dean reminds him that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And in their case, literally. And the look on Cas’ face…


Seriously! It’s not even wishful thinking anymore. Any fool with eyes can see that these two are utterly, madly, in love  with each other… just refusing to admit it for some Godforsaken reason.

I wonder long are TPTB going to keep dangling the proverbial carrot before us? Especially, with Cas coming back as a regular next season and Dean rumored to be getting a new girl.

Anyways… moving on. The aforementioned fool with eyes, aka Sammy-boy, interrupts the escalating make-up-eye-sex with an inquiry about Room 7B

…which turns out to be a large filing/evidence room for all the MOL cases.

Sam corners Dean and tells him to cut Cas some slack.

Dean argues that “if it was anybody else… and I mean anybody… who’d pulled that kinda crap, I’d have stabbed them on principle. So why should I give him a free pass?”

“Because… it’s Cas,” Sam replies, and that’s it. It’s Cas… He’s Dean’s only exception.

And yeah, I have been guilty of reading too much fanfiction these days *smiles sheepishly*

The killer, even Dean doesn’t argue about it. He just shucks it off and starts looking for the-thing-they-were-here-for-in-the-first-place.

Apparently, the-thing-they-are-looking-for is a Class 5 artifact, which is, according MOL Rating System, “Weird!!!”

While Sam searches for the “Weird!!!”, Dean chances upon a discrepancy between two stands and pulls them out to reveal what looks like a Torture dungeon complete with Devil’s Trap and collars and manacles…

“So… we have a dungeon?” “Finally!”

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