Survey Says: 10 Hottest Game Show Hosts Ever!

We rarely associate hotness with game show hosting, but why is that? It takes bravado, rigidity, and charisma to run a good game show, and I’d say the same rubric applies to male strippers and So You Think You Can Dance contestants. In honor of the late Richard Dawson, the original host of Family Feud and an unforgettable Match Game panelist, I’ll be tallying the hottest men of televised gaming. Please remember to phrase your cat-calls in the form of question.

10. Jeff Probst, Rock & Roll Jeopardy

Though he only hosted VH1′s Jeopardy! spinoff from 1998 to 2001, Jeff Probst’s dimpled cuteness and conversational hosting style were enough to substantiate him as a great emcee. Naturally he’s better remembered for hosting Survivor for all of its 5,700 cycles, but he looked mighty fine standing behind Trebek’s podium.

9. Richard Dawson, Family Feud

Richard Dawson was most known for smooching contestants and calling out “Survey says!” like a sardonic carnival barker, but behind the droll sleaze was the presence and command of a dashing British thespian. Now’s a good time to remember everyone that Hogan’s Heroes was and is hilarious.

8. Wayne Brady, Let’s Make a Deal

Whether or not you’re partial to Let’s Make a Deal‘s original host Monty Hall (who helmed the ’70s-’80s version for an off-and-on total of 17 years), Wayne Brady‘s work on the new version is certainly peppier. And, come on, hotter too. Brady’s facial symmetry and penchant for saucy choreography make him a shoo-in for this list.

7. Johnny Carson, Who Do You Trust?

Just before Johnny Carson took over The Tonight Show from Jack Parr, he helmed the tame game Who Do You Trust? from ’57-’62. Carson was such a sharp, neatly suave master of ceremonies, and his natural Nebraskan charm helped move the show’s interviews and quizzes along.


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