“Survivor: Gabon” bromance update: Marcus likes his fruit


The current season of Survivor has been serving up the best hobromance (being a nonsexual romance between a straight man and a gay man, of course) since Ronnie and Ben made cow-eyes at each other across their bedroom on Make Me a Supermodel.

And last night’s episode offered what might be the cutest moment yet: straight Marcus, apparently spotting a piece of fruit on Charlie‘s shoulder, ate it off of his gay friend as though he were a waffle cone. It’s nothing more than a hungry guy demonstrating how comfortable he is with his gay friend, but from the number of equally adorable "OMGSQUEEEE!" emails we’ve gotten already about this moment, it’s become “the nibble heard round the world.” (And it’s already being deconstructed, Zapruder Film-style, by avid fans.)

Team Marlie!

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