Swinging The Axe: ABC Cancels “GCB,” CW Hangs Up On “Ringer,” and More Surprises!

Ah, late spring! When the flowers are in full bloom, prom sex scars countless youth, and the broadcast networks destroy dreams and send mediocre actors back to soft porn.

Today a couple of networks made huge announcements, both canceling series and confirming possible replacements. There were a few surprises, a few non-surprises, and a lot of disappointment. Let’s take a look at what happened when today’s dust settled.


GCB (ABC). This hurts. Well, at least it can take solace in the fact that it’s destined for cult status.

Ringer (The CW). Not a big surprise, but now we’ll never find out if they’d use my idea for Season Two (She finds out she’s … quintuplets!)

The Secret Circle (The CW). It was on the bubble, but the spell was broken.

Harry’s Law (NBC). It was NBC’s second most-watched drama, but “soft” in the younger demo. Did they think they were getting an ingenue?

Are You There, Chelsea? (NBC). Viewers took the beer goggles off

BFF, Bent, Awake (NBC). When they didn’t fly out of the gate, they were doomed.


Happy Endings (ABC). The only surprise is that it took so long to give it an official renewal.

Scandal (ABC). Strong ratings and reviews made it an easy choice.

Don’t Trust The B. (ABC). Ditto

Up All Night, Parks & Recreation, Whitney (NBC). Whitney was a surprise, but the other two were expected.

Gossip Girl, Hart Of Dixie, Nikita (The CW). It’s all about the demo.

Officially Coming Soon

The Carrie Diaries, Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, Cult, First Cut (The CW). I’m actually intrigued if Carrie is going to work, and hell yeah for Arrow!

666 Park Ave, How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life, Last Resort, Nashville, The Neighbors, Family Tools, Red Widow, Zero Hour. (ABC). Surprisingly, the Reba sitcom Malibu Country is “in contention,” which is a pretty tepid response. And shockingly, Marc Cherry‘s Devious Maids is not going forward.

Opinions? Surprised by a renewal? Angered with a cancellation? Lukewarm to the new shows? Stay tuned, because the next week is going to see more shocks.

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