TCA Exclusive! NBC’s “Trauma” to feature gay paramedic!

Here’s some news that should gladden GLAAD’s heart (not to mention ours!): I’ve confirmed exclusively that NBC’s new medical drama Trauma is going to include a major gay character as part of its cast.

Set in San Francisco, this is an "intense, action-packed look at one of the most
dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics."

And one of those first responders is going to be an out gay man or woman. So who might the gay be? Well, just like we did with my scoop from last year about Southland, we’re going to play "Guess the Gay!" (This time I actually know the answer, but can’t divulge.)

So here are the candidates: 

 Cameron Boone (Derek Luke), a "stoic paramedic"

Tyler Briggs (Kevin Rankin) an "edgy EMT"

 Glenn Morris (Taylor Kinney), a "rookie EMT"

Marisa Benez (Aimee Garcia),
as a "tough rookie helicopter pilot"

Dr. Joe Saviano (Jamey Sheridan) as the "paramedic’s mentor"

Nancy Carnahan (Anastasia Griffith) a
"strong-willed paramedic"

  Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuk (Cliff Curtis), a "daredevil flight

As I said above, I know the identity of the gay character, but you’ll have to wait for now to find out who it is. However, feel free to guess away in the comments! I will tell you that the show’s executive producers Dario Scardapane and Jeffrey
told me it was important that a show set in San Francisco include a gay character and that they wanted to avoid the cliched coming out storyline. Kudos to them for that. 

I’ve seen the pilot and I have to say, I certainly didn’t realize this character was gay and Scardapane and Reiner told me the "reveal" is fun and different. And even though I’m not a fan of medical dramas, I rather liked this one. Here’s hoping it lasts longer than Kings. Trauma premieres Monday September 28th.

Now let the guessing begin!

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