“Teen Wolf” 3.19: What Does the Fox Say?

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Previously on Teen Wolf, Stiles got himself caught in a bear trap in the basement of an insane asylum with a steel-toothed mummy-man only to realize hours later that the steel-tooth mummy-man was him — but that didn’t stop his friends and family from going bonkers on his behalf, running around Beacon Hills like their heads (Scott) and hearts (Lydia) and pants (Derek) were on fire. Kira learned more about her supernatural Kitsune abilities. And Stiles learned that she’s really only a Kitsune Junior. It is Mrs. Yukimura who is the HBIC of the Oni.

If there’s something strange happening to your pets, who you gonna call? (Dr. Deaton!) If there’s something weird that looks like voodoo, who you gonna call (Dr. Deaton!) He ain’t afraid of no ghost/werewolf/werecoyote/Kitsune/Nogitsune/kanima/dog/cat/raccoon/beaver/wooly mammoth/vampire/sphinx/centaur/frost troll!

Which is why a Japanese crime family gives him a call and asks him to fly on over and take care of their boss’ ailing pet wolf. Oh, but this isn’t just any Japanese crime family; this crime family is headed up by the son of the Nogitsune that died in front of sexy, sexy Chris Argent and hid buddy Silverfinger Katashi all those years ago. And surprise! Their pet wolf isn’t really sick! Deaton sneaky-paralyzed him to get an in to the garden where the Nogitsune died to collect some of the moss he bled out all over, because letharia vulpina  is what you use when you want to remove a demonic fox from inside a teenage boy’s body.


As usual, mayhem is going down in the parking lot of Beacon Hills General Hospital. Somebody cut a power line free from the roof and it’s swirly-twirling in the parking lot, sparks shooting out all over the place. Things go from catastrophic to catastrophic-er when the parking lot starts flooding and the wire lands in the pool of water. Dummies — including sweet, sweet Isaac — go running into the electric lake and get themselves sizzled. Everyone’s screaming and crying and so Kira walks right into the water and picks up the power line and snuffs out the sparks like when you lick your fingers and pinch a birthday cake candle.


Her mom rushes her inside and asks her if she’s never read a comic book or seen a superhero movie or anything because you don’t just go around revealing your supernatural powers to small town folks if you want to stay alive.

Isaac, also, gets rushed inside because of how his insides are fried like eggs. When Scott and Allison are finally allowed to visit him, they’re shocked that he’s not healing. Scott can’t help with that and since Deaton’s not answering his phone to provide cryptic half-answers to Scott’s pack’s latest life-threatening dilemmas, so Scott does his pain-sucker thing on Isaac to help him rest a little bit.


Stiles has been missing for 48 hours and even though he texts his dad and tells him he’s safe and not to worry, Sheriff Stilinski is very worried, in no small part because Stiles is doing the same kind of weird stuff Mrs. Stilinski did when her brain cloud was killing her. Never one to shy away from making things worse, Agent McCall busts up into the sheriff’s office and asks if, in addition to the creatures coming out of the Hellmouth on the daily, Beacon Hills has been having in trouble with the Japanese mob.


At school, where these kids go every day no matter who is missing or dead or being eaten alive by fireflies, no matter if the band gets possessed by pissy Celtic spirits and every other teacher has ties to the literal devil, Kira tells Scott that she went home and did a little research after saving the city from collective electrocution and what she discovered is that the Nogitsune is coming after the people of Beacon Hills because someone offended him, like a lot. They don’t know who could have done such a thing, but I’m just going to put my five dollars in the pool and say it was Peter Hale.


In the locker room, Coach Finstock says everyone has to write a heartfelt message inside Isaac’s get well card, and when Danny volunteers to go first, Coach pats him on the ass and says, “That a boy, but keep it PG!” Ha! Coach reads Tumblr! While the rest of the team worries over Isaac, Scott and Ethan and Aiden hear one of Chris Argent’s emitters going off in the boiler room, so they trek down there and find Stiles all confused smiles and promises that it’s really him and not the demon ninja ghost fox inside of him. To prove it, he offers up this bag of supplies he found himself carrying when he regained consciousness. It’s full of ropes and maps and various destructive Acme products. Dynamite. Explosive tennis balls. Earthquake pills. A do-it-yourself tornado kit.


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