Ten Best Gay and Bisexual Science Fiction Characters

The dearth of out gay
characters in science fiction movies, on television shows and in comic books is
something we’ve long documented. From Star Trek’s inability to live up to its own vision of equality by
actually including an out gay character to ABC’s Lost’s inability to
find a single gay character despite its
sprawling cast to the mixed efforts of DC Comics and Marvel when it comes to
gay representation on the pages of their comics, science fiction has often been
a disappointment for its legions of gay fans who look toward the future as a
place were gay folks will be treated equally. (For information on lesbians and
bisexual women in science fiction, visit our sister site AfterEllen.com.)

But there are gay and
bisexual characters out there to be found and we took it upon ourselves to
choose the top ten. Identifying ten truly great gay characters in the science
fiction genre is ambitious considering the small number of candidates; for this
reason we’re using the broadest definition of the genre, encompassing fantasy,
horror, supernatural, and superheroes, and looking to all forms of popular

After scrounging through
decades’ worth of major franchises and lesser-known titles, we came up with the
following list of greatest gay and bisexual male characters. Great characters
are defined by the virtues of being unique, fascinating, and greatly
significant. In the interest of making
these qualities the true DNA of this list, unconsidered qualities include
biggest fan favorites, sexiness, or the best gay representations. So our rating
scale looks at character fascination, significance, and originality (the cliché

Andrew Wells (Buffy the
Vampire Slayer
; The WB and UPN, and comics)

Barely qualifying for our
list is Andrew Wells (Tom Lenk) from the Buffy
and Angel TV series, as well as the
current Buffy comics. The famously
gay-friendly show gave us three recurring lesbian characters, the occasional
gay visitor, plenty of gay-positive stories and dialogue, and surprisingly only
one recurring gay (or was he bisexual?) male character in Andrew.

and persistent innuendo clearly established Andrew’s sexuality, yet despite a
wealth of references to his crush on fellow villain Warren and strong gay
characteristics he never quite acknowledged his own awareness of his sexuality,
which was also seemingly ignored by the other characters.

The geek-turned-villain-turned-good
guy scores points for delivering a lot of the best lines, turning what could
have been a standard clichéd geek archetype into a three-dimensional and
genuinely likeable queer sidekick. For us, the reasons for the obfuscation of
Andrew’s sexuality remain one of the biggest mysteries of the show. We’re
eagerly awaiting some indication of further development of his character in the
ongoing comic book series.

Character Rating: 9/10

Significance Rating: 2/10

Originality Rating : 5/10

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