Test Your Madonna Knowledge Against TheBacklot’s Louis Virtel On The YouTube Game Show “The Experts”


It feels bizarre to claim that I’m a Madonna expert when, really, casual fans of the 55-year-old Material Monarch can accidentally know everything about her too. Madonna’s history is pop history, so even if you’re a Radiohead fan or a sports junkie, you still might know that “Take A Bow” is Madonna’s biggest single and that Christopher Walken guest-stars in the “Bad Girl” video. (Though you might not know that Madonna’s cited inspiration for the “Bad Girl” video is Looking for Mr. Goodbar. Diane!)

Nonetheless, I’m the anointed “Madonna expert” on this week’s episode of The Experts, a YouTube game show that tests savants on a specific area of expertise and pits them against other geeks. I’m competing with a Batman expert and a Melrose Place expert, so whether you’re a dead-eyed Madonna zealot or a low-key Daphne Zuniga fan, there’s something here for you. I won’t apologize for not knowing much about Evita. I won’t.

The game works in four rounds with an additional bonus round for the winner. Click through to see all the Virtel vogueing in action. And below, I ask a few tough Madonna questions I came up with on my own.

Enjoy our extra Madonna quiz. Answers on the next page.

1. Which three songs from Madonna do not credit Madonna as the sole writer?

2. Which two Madonna films grossed over 100 million dollars?

3. Who is the only celebrity mentioned in the “Vogue” rap who is still alive?

4. What album did Madonna dedicate to the Pope, calling him “my divine inspiration”?

5. What significant pop culture moment occurred on Madonna’s 19th birthday?

6. At the end of the original “American Life” video, what turns into a cigar lighter?

7. What four-time Oscar nominee slaps Madonna across the face in Body of Evidence?

8. What singer-songwriter said, after Madonna released her first single of 2000, “I have received many gifts from God, but this is the first time I have ever received a gift from a goddess”?

9. In 1994, who prefaced Madonna’s appearance with the dubious introduction, “She’s slept with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry”?

10. Who did Madonna present with the MTV Video Music Awards’ Video Vanguard honor in 1989, calling him “the diva himself”?

11. Which Madonna single made Tipper Gore’s notorious “Filthy Fifteen” list?

12. Name the Madonna video missing from this very specific list: “Papa Don’t Preach,” “True Blue,” “Justify My Love,” and “Deeper and Deeper.”

Answers on the next page!

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