The 10 Acceptable Reasons to Love Birthday Girl Taylor Swift

1. “Teardrops on my Guitar” rules. 

Truth be told, Taylor Swift‘s breakout single gives you everything that’s lovable about her: It’s sincere, cheerfully melodramatic, and catchy as hell. Also, let us observe the cover art of this single. I mean. She’s going to make some friends in Branson with that hairdo. She’s Teen Skipper of Appalachia.

2. I got awesomely evil Eve Harrington vibes from her Grammy speech.

Remember when Taylor Swift won Album of the Year? Kind of crazy. But I sort of loved her speech for Best Country Album that same night in 2010, when she noted in half-astonishment, “This is my first time walking up those steps to receive a Grammy on national television!” Two things: 1) She’d already won a Grammy earlier that wasn’t televised. So the “walking up some steps” milestone she’s citing isn’t that important. 2) She is SO implying that she’s destined to win many, many more nationally televised Grammys. To me, this is some All About Eve-level faux-humility that is just delicious. Can’t you picture Lady Gaga in the Margo Channing role?

3. She’s so good at being an anti-bullying advocate that she won two Grammys for it.

Not only did she appear in this GLSEN anti-bullying ad, but her big anti-bullying single “Mean” earned her a pair of Grammys. By the way? This chick has a lot of Grammys. Not double digits yet, but getting there.

4. All right: She nailed this performance of “Mean”

Speaking of the Grammys and “Mean”: This was a perfectly charming performance. Did they have to use all the Cracker Barrel props, though? It’s like The Last Picture Show up there.

5. “Hey Stephen,” her best non-single

Love this damn song and that killer lyric, “Other girls are beautiful / But would they write a song for you?” 

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