The 10 Fishiest Queens of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”

Who’s the fishiest of them all?



The use of the word “fishy” has increased exponentially in recent seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as it’s clear that many current contestants value visible femininity and convincing girlishness over attributes like dancing talent or comic skills. Is this a bad thing? Probably not, though it seems like the queens who tout their own fishiness are the ones likelier not to know who Little Edie Bouvier is. And that’s unacceptable.

Still, fishiness can be damn captivating. Here are the 10 fishiest queens in RPDR history, the girls who were girls at every angle, in every glance.

10. Kenya Michaels



 Kenya Michaels’ runway presentation was always markedly fishy thanks not only to a dramatic makeup and strut, but also her unmistakable pout. She was in your face, bouncy, and angrily pretty.


9. Manila Luzon



Hard not to love this dame, right? In addition to her fine Imelda Marcos impression and general intelligence, Manila was gorgeous and saucily feminine. Her lips, eyebrows, and crazy laugh were fishy totems in season four, and there’s a distinct chance she has the best hair in RPDR history. Addictively zesty girlishness.

Sidenote: “Manila Luzon” may also be my favorite drag queen name on the show. Expertly stressed Filipina pride.


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