The 10 Hottest Contestants of “Top Chef”

Top Chef is currently cooking in rainy Seattle, but I’d like to offer some sunnier vistas: the ten hottest contestants in Top Chef history. We’ll have to save our Tom Colicchio/Rocco DiSpirito lust for another post.

In the meantime, take a look at these ten hotties, glare ominously into their eyes like an intrigued Padma Lakshmi, and fight with me in the comments about who should be ranked higher/lower/not at all.

10. Chris Crary (season nine)

You’re working with some kind of charm when you can place ninth and still garner the Fan Favorite award, and as you can see, Chris Crary of Top Chef: Texas was working with some fine pectoral charms. Too bad my vision of that season is tainted by weird, vaguely mean-seeming guest judge Pee Wee Herman.

9. Hung Hunyh (season three)

God, I love cockiness. Unabashed, ego-poppin’ cockiness. Hung Huynh was a hotshot the minute that season three began, and he rode that hot streak right to the finale (which was aired live from Chicago, for some reason). Look at that smirk. Bastard.

8. Marcel Vigneron (season two)

He was just a bit too bizarre and willing to rap (ugh), but Marcel Vigneron’s supermodel eyes and Ludwig von Koopa haircut are too unmistakable to pass up here.


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