The 10 Hottest Grown-Up Former Kid Stars

You heard the prompt: The 10 Hottest Former Child Stars. Can I confess something? It’s harder to think of these than you think!

Let’s face it, everybody’s looks peak at a certain point, and if you’re a child actor, there’s a distinct chance you’ll look your best at age 11. That’s not the case with these 10 gents, who’ve grown up into seriously studly creatures. Here they are, ranked and ready for scrutiny.

10. Jonathan Lipnicki

The Jerry Maguire kid apparently enjoys the gym. The onetime kid star’s body is basically an adamantium sheath, and he’s also perfected his photogenic stoicism.

9. Chad Allen

YES to gay child actors who come out, and YES specifically to alums of the 1990 TV movie Camp Cucamonga, which I consider the Gone With the Wind of summer camp movies featuring G. Gordon Liddy in a supporting role. Chad’s hot, out, and readily shirtless. Phew.

8. Devon Sawa

The onetime Casper kid is a favorite player on the CW’s totally watchable Nikita, and he even has a pretty marvelous sense of humor about himself. That might even be hotter than his tied-up naked body. Which should stun you.

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