The 10 Hottest Men of Network TV This Fall

Phew — I just surveyed the upcoming fall season of network TV and realized there are a sufficient number of hotties to keep us occupied ’til spring. One problem: There’s very little diversity to go around, and that’s an upsetting fact. Come on, network TV. It’s time to not suck.

But without further ado, here are your ten best hotties of the fall season. And who better to land at #1 than an out and proud dude with acting chops galore?

10. Ed Weeks (Fox’s The Mindy Project)

Primarily, The Mindy Projet is a showcase for Mindy Kaling’s aw-shucks-y humor and deadpan delivery, but could it be a breakout vehicle for Ed Weeks, who plays Kaling’s British, “Hugh Grant-like” coworker?

9. Jesse Bradford (NBC’s Guys With Kids)

This 33-year-old alum of Swimfan and Flags of Our Fathers was last seen in the failed NBC drama Outlaw with Jimmy Smits, but I’m rooting for his winsome mug to become a primetime fixture on Guys With Kids, whose reviews are currently lukewarm at best.

8. Scott Speedman (ABC’s Last Resort)

Hell yes to Felicity men aging well. As XO Lt. Commander Sam Kendal on ABC’s new military drama Last Resort, we watch helplessly as Speedman defies orders with his renegade submarine crew, “sets up camp on the fictional island of Sainte Marina, and declare themselves a sovereign nation with nuclear capability.” Intense! Just like that precious face.

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