The 10 Hottest Talk Show Hosts Ever


It’s always during the summer that I find myself catching up on the shenanigans of talk show hosts. There’s something about balmy summer nights that screams for the comfort and panache of a late night emcee. It’s depressing when I can fry an egg on the sidewalk by myself, but when David Letterman does it on TV? Suddenly it’s a hilarious and life-affirming exercise.

Thus, we’re counting down the 10 hottest talk show hosts ever. It’s an especially happy occasion since four of the listed dudes are gay. Cue up Paul Shaffer, because this is a Top 10 list we can all applaud.

10. David Letterman


David Letterman is the elder statesman of the late night circuit, but his grimly dry delivery remains his untouchable hallmark. To this day, nothing is stranger or funnier than the idea of Stupid Human Tricks. If bastardly putdowns are your turn-on (hear, hear!), Letterman is your minx.

Hottest moments: Sweating bullets while Madonna peppered him with f-bombs and spare panties in ’94, mocking Paris Hilton‘s jail routine in 2006.

9. RuPaul

The glorious Drag Race glamazon hosted one of VH1’s greatest series, his late ’90s talk show co-hosted by Michelle Visage. His conversation ease and simply amazing face make him the studliest thing ever to hit that network, even if he was usually clad in a gown and blonde banana curls.

Hottest moment: Enjoying a manicure with his guests Sandra Bernhard and Meredith Brooks

8. Wayne Brady


Dave Chappelle did he damnedest to paint Wayne Brady as a square, but Wayne Brady will always have something Chappelle doesn’t: multiple Emmys. On his eponymous talk show from the early 2000s, he often exercised musical, improvisational, and comic chops, sometimes simultaneously. He also is gorgeous. Don’t forget.

Hottest moment: Singing in a trio with Justin Timberlake and Brian McKnight. All three wore leather pants, because 2002 insisted.

7. Carson Daly


Carson Daly was once MTV’s deadpan figurehead, but as a late night talk show host on Last Call, he’s self-deprecating, amazing-looking, surprisingly warm. He’s also very smart and highly knowledgeable about music, which makes him more of a Dick Clark scion than many are willing to admit.

Hottest moment: After nearly a decade on the air, switching Last Call to an intimate, one-of-a-kind docuseries format. The conversational style is a perfect fit for Daly’s brand of casual sarcasm.

6. Dick Cavett


The Nebraska native often looked a little perplexed as glamorous weirdos like Janis Joplin, Bette Davis, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash graced his stage, but Dick Cavett always held his own with bemused wit. You can never underestimate the sinister appeal of the man who wrote the immortal introduction: “Here they are — Jayne Mansfield!”

Hottest moment: Snickering uncomfortably as Janis Joplin told him, “You’re a real swinger, man. I can tell by your shoes.” 

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