The 10 Most Mindblowing Things About Entertainment Weekly’s Liberace Cover

Finally, here’s the first actual preview of Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace biopic for HBO, Behind the Candelabra. EW has an upcoming interview with stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, and it apparently includes provocative tidbits about sex scenes and ass-bronzing. Great, great, great. But even greater: this cover. Take a look.

Mesmerizing, right? We previewed it in the meme this morning, but obviously this unthinkably awesome cover deserves further examination. For the unitiated: Behind the Candelabra is based on Scott Thorson’s same-named 1988 book about his relationship (and its aftermath) with Liberace. Douglas plays Liberace and Damon plays Thorson, who brought a famous lawsuit against Liberace in 1982 that included a palimony suit. The ex-lovers settled out of court, and they eventually reconciled before Liberace’s death from AIDS-related pneumonia in 1987. It’s a pretty heavy story. But this magazine cover? Is effing fabulous. 

Here are the 10 most mindblowing things about the cover. 

10. Oh, those ruffles! Look at those layers of sleeve doilies. Little wrist dresses. It’s like Marie Antoinette is stuck head-first in either armhole. 

9. That… bow tie? Does Liberace’s tie count as a real tie? Because it strikes me as difficult to knot — you know, with the thousands of dollars worth of semiprecious Earth miracles welded to it.

8. That robe. Mr. Jeremy Irons tried to emulate this in Beautiful Creatures. Love you Jer, but not even close.

7. The part in Matt Damon’s hair. Look at that off-color center part. There should be a miniseries about those un-dyed follicles called The Gay Roots. 

6. Matt Damon’s bandleader jacket. Michael Jackson, Seigfried, Roy, Sergeant Pepper, and Paula Abdul are all invited to approach that bandleader jacket and pretend they could ever compare. 

5. The shock-white everything. Ah, Liberace. The proprietor of the most exclusive White Party ever. 

4. The JEWWWELLLLLS. How many boxes of Milton Bradley’s Pretty Pretty Princess did Lib have to raid for this shoot? It was barely enough.

3. Matt Damon’s lips. Oooh, magenta! Just like everything I’ve ever cared about.

2. Matt Damon’s hair. I mean. That is some Martina Navratilova-meets-Kristy McNichol majesty. He shakes it and GLAAD awards fly out.

1. Michael Douglas’ hair. EXCUSE ME. Is it possible that Brenda Fricker is playing Michael Douglas AS Liberace? That is Oscar-on-Oscar action, kids! 

Cannot WAIT for May, when this premieres. Below, check out Liberace’s mystery guest appearance on What’s My Line?, where the audience goes so crazy for him that the panelists assume he is either Mickey Mantle or Marilyn Monroe


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