The 11 Hottest Men of “The Real World”

The Real World is donning flannel and boots for its upcoming Portland season, but to gear up for that premiere on March 27, I thought we’d take a look back at the show’s cast members who were damn good at wearing not-so-many clothes. Here they are, the 11 hottest male cast members in Real World history. (You’ll be happy to know the gays took over the list; I wasn’t even forcing it!)

11. Eric Nies (New York)


Eric Nies introduced us to Real World hotness on the first season of the show, and he’d continue his hot streak with The Grind, where Queen Latifah once asked him how much he was paid to show off his nipples. The answer? Never enough, Dana.

10. Davis Mallory (Denver)


Denver! That was a caustic cast. Oh, Brooke! You have almost certainly killed someone before. Tyrie! You’re diagnosable. And Davis! You are gay and good-looking and that confrontation with Tyrie was scaaaaaary. Thank God you’re a part of the AfterElton family where I can be sure you’re safe. Phew.

9. Tyler Duckworth (Key West)

Tyler’s Olympic swimming dreams may have been dashed by a freak accident, but his dreams of remaining a Herculean out dude with a wicked sense of humor remain ever intact. You could actually converse with this guy, and that makes him even more attractive. His Twitter has some cute commentary! And also tidbits about how he can squat 300 pounds now. Phew!


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