The 2012 Hot in Hollywood Awards: Results

AfterElton readers know what’s Hot in Hollywood. We’re a community of voracious yet discerning pop culture consumers, so when it comes to TV, movies, web series and celebrities… tourniquet be damned, our finger is on the bloody pulse! This year in our first annual Hot in Hollywood poll our readers cast over 800,000 votes (yes, you read that correctly) crowning winners in 21 different categories, everything from Favorite Movie Beefcake to Guilty TV Pleasure to Child Actor We Don’t Hate.

There were some tight races (Favorite Web Series, Favorite TV Beefcake and Greatest TV Villain) and a couple gimmes (Teen Wolf obviously had a lock on Favorite TV Sidekick), but the big surprise was how evenly distributed the love was. No single TV or film project took home more than one or two awards.

All in all, it was an impressive launch for the first annual Hot in Hollywood Awards, and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated. And now, without further ado, our 2012 winners…

(Final Vote Tally)

Chris Colfer defines the term “pitch perfect” playing Kurt Hummel on Glee. We shared his heartbreak at Blaine’s infidelity and cheered during his New York Academy of Dramatic Arts auditions. Throughout it all, Chris remained just so gosh darn cute.

What was he doing when not working on Glee? Typical twenty-something stuff like writing The Land of Stories, a bestselling book for young adults. Crafting the upcoming movie Struck By Lightning‘s script and starring in it. Being generally amazing.

Oh, and winning this award.

(Final Vote Tally)

It’s easy to see why Jessica Lange won Favorite TV Actress. Let’s imagine what her day planner must look like:

8:00am: Awakened by my alarm clock, which consists of several rainbow finches specially trained to gently serenade me out of slumber.

9:00am: Begin filming American Horror Story: Asylum. Break to drink tea while sharing laughs with James Cromwell and Chloe Sevigny. Talk of how despite terrifying audiences on screen, we’re actually incredibly sweet people in real life.

5:00pm: Smile at random strangers, because it’s a nice thing to do.

6:00pm: Receive a call from UNICEF, thanking me for being their Goodwill Ambassador. Feel inner peace when remembering I’ve met Hillary Clinton.

7:00pm: Take some potentially award winning photographs simply because I love art.

9:00pm: Meditate on how wonderful it is to be Jessica Lange.

(Final Vote Tally)

One of the most welcome new TV series this year is The New Normal. Each week the Ryan Murphy production chronicles another chapter in the lives of two gay men, their surrogate, her overbearing grandmother, and her 9-year-old daughter Shania played by Bebe Wood. Watching shows featuring poorly cast child stars is enjoyable as viewing an autopsy. Remember young Wil Wheaton’s maligned role playing Wesley Crusher, the magical pubescent elf on Star Trek: The Next Generation? Luckily for The New Normal, Bebe can actually act.

Shania had us by the second episode, when she busted out that spot on Little Edie impersonation. Clearly, young Ms. Wood is a pro. The New Normal isn’t her first acting gig; she has experience working with well-known television talent: Tina Fey on 30 Rock and Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Veep to name a few. While most kids her age are performing in school plays, she’s sharing screen time with Liz Lemon.

Shania Clemmons is clearly the young star’s breakout role, and the fact that she can hold her own against her amazing adult castmates makes you think this girl is in for a long and storied career. We certainly can’t wait to see it.


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