The 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries

Looking for a must-see list of great gay documentaries? We’ve got you covered. We recently asked our readers to nominate up to five of their favorite documentary films via write-in vote. Thousands responded and we tabulated the results to bring you the top 25 here. All of these films are definitely worth a look and to help you learn more about titles you might not be familiar with, we’ve included trailers, links to reviews, official film websites and more. Plus, for three of the titles we’ve even embedded the full movie thanks to the Logo Docs library.

So here they are, the 25 Greatest Gay Documentaries. Which ones have you already seen? Which ones do you need to see?

25. Saint of 9/11

Summary: Sir Ian McKellen narrates this inspiring portrait of Father Mychal Judge, a New York City Fire Department Chaplain who wrestled with his sexuality, his genuine dedication to life as a priest, and his alcoholism before perishing during the collapse of the Twin Towers in the line of duty.

Further Reading:

Official Saint of 9/11 website

AfterElton Review of Saint of 9/11

24. Transgeneration

Summary: This GLAAD Award-winning documentary miniseries follows four college students undergoing gender transition. The series places special emphasis on the diversity of the transgender community.

Further Reading:

AfterElton Review of Transgeneration

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