The 5 Best Wins in MTV Movie Award History

Not-so-shocking confession: The 2013 MTV Movie Award nominations were just announced, and I’m psyched about it. Sure, the ceremony has become overrun with Twihard vote-in victories, but that doesn’t mean the ceremony is a total drag. In fact, I can think of five times the MTV Movie Awards restored my faith in award show culture and, subsequently, life itself. Here are the five greatest moments in MTV Movie Award history.

5. 1992: Best Movie — Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Other nominees: 


Boyz n the Hood


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Going all the way back to the first ceremony, MTV rained trophies on Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and with good reason: It’s one of the most watchable action movies ever and features some of the most well-developed characters in the history of the genre. Sorry, Lisbeth Salander, but Sarah Connor has more grit and fabulousness in one strap of her tanktop than you do in the entire Erector Set pierced into your skull. It’s fair to note that Silence of the Lambs should’ve been nominated for something during the same year, but obviously MTV wanted to establish an Oscar-contrarian streak right at the onset.

4. 2004: Best Male Performance — Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Other nominees:

Jim Caviezel – The Passion of the Christ

Tom Cruise – The Last Samurai

Bill Murray – Lost in Translation

Adam Sandler – 50 First Dates

Yes, Johnny Depp’s first performance as Captain Jack Sparrow was immediately well-received, but that doesn’t mean it picked up all the necessary trophies. The fact is, this performance is the male version of Meryl Streep’s miraculous, Mirandulous work in The Devil Wears Prada: It completely elevates the Disneyesque material, it features one-of-a-kind wickedness, and absolutely no other actor could’ve filled the role in the same magical way. I’ll always be thankful Johnny Depp picked up an Oscar nomination, but I’m more relieved he received some Golden Popcorn for reinventing kookiness in a movie that should’ve been anything but tolerable.

3. 2005: Best Female Breakthrough Performance — Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls

Other nominees:

Ashanti – Coach Carter

Elisha Cuthbert – The Girl Next Door

Bryce Dallas Howard – The Village

Emmy Rossum – The Day After Tomorrow

It’s so rare that we see wonderful high school villains anymore. The days of Heathers, Scream, and Ordinary People (hey, that swim team coach was an ass!) are well behind us, so it was especially pleasant when MTV honored the single nastiest upperclasswoman of the 2000s: Regina George. She’ll fake-compliment your stupid bracelet, spread lesbian rumors about you, and announce her new diet because she wants to lose three pounds. She’s an unstoppable awful force, and she may have been the last person to fill Lindsay Lohan with actual fear. Let’s give her a Purple Heart too.


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