The 8 Hottest Moments of Ryan Reynolds

My jaw’s agape, but my journalistic duty is to inform you that Ryan Reynolds is 36 years old today. Damn, right? How can the star of National Lampoon’s Van Wilder already be over 35 already? Turns out that movie was released 10 years ago. Yes, we’re all ancient, is the real problem.

In honor of the former Alanis Morissette beau’s big day, let’s rack up his eight hottest moment on screen, on the street, and on the page. Hope you like pristinely cut abdominals.

8. Definitely Maybe proves that dads are the hottest.

Definitely Maybe is my choice for Ryan Reynolds’ best movie, and even though it’s by no means a sexy film, Reynolds fills the role of a corduroy-clad dad with warmth and meaning. You believe he’s real, which is strange considering this 2008 flick is also a standard romantic comedy in key ways. Still: Awwwww.

7. The Green Lantern’s chiseled visage is, indeed, superheroic.

The movie was a dud, but the man in the verdant vestments was as red-hot as ever. Ryan Reynolds was destined to play a superhero after we all became aware of what muscles he possessed, but he’s still unexpectedly sexy as Hal Jordan. And perfectly, geometrically contoured.

6. Screw Wolverine, I’m too busy swimming in Deadpool’s tawny brawniness.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine was mostly a showcase for Hugh Jackman‘s otherworldly musculature, but hey, get a good look at Deadpool here: pretty comely and well-tailored for a dude whose mortal name is Wade!

5. A crisp and creamy suit for (wait for it) a crispy and creamy guy

Just like Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a big part of Ryan Reynolds’ charm is his affinity for dapperness. In terms of red carpet styling, he’s never looked better than here in his creamy cream, dreamy dream suit. Check out the fit on that coat! It’s hugging his abs like Blake Lively should!


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