David DeCoteau’s “1313” Brings More Beefcake Bonanza

Hercules! The Bermuda Triangle! Bondage! Self-Rubbing! David DeCoteau works his magic again.

Will Lance Leonhardt, Skylar Hart and Nathan Kehn become the next rising stars of the DeCoteau stable?

A while back I paid tribute to the … unique … world of gay filmmaker David DeCoteau, who has carved out his own niche in cinema with his collection of what can best be described as “Boxer Briefs Horror.”

He brought us such classics of the genre as Voodoo Academy (starring a then unknown Riley Smith and Drew Fuller), The Brotherhood Series (starring a then unknown Sam Page, Sean Faris, and Brandon Beemer, as “Frat Slob #2″), Leeches! (starring a then unknown Josh Henderson), and Killer Bash (starring a then unknown Cory Monteith).

He’s spent the last couple of years on a project titled 1313, which is a series of films revolving around the same mansion somewhere in Southern California, where spooky events traumatize buff young men in underwear.

Thankfully, David has replenished his series with a new batch of 1313 titles, so once again, let’s take a look, and maybe we can spot the next rising star in the DeCoteau universe. Will one of these guys have a starring role on The CW next season?

And once again, I haven’t actually seen any of these, so we’ll review the trailers!


STORYLINE: A group of young men agree to act as “test subjects” for plastic surgeon, Victoria Franks. But their getaway at Victoria’s lavish Malibu mansion turns deadly, as their mad scientist hostess implements a nefarious and homicidal agenda…

POSSIBLE BREAKOUT STAR: Tyler Scott (The blond with the ass for hours)

FABOO LADY: Helene Udy

BRIEFS SCORE – 10: Lots of briefs shots, coming and going. Bonus points for tighty-whities.

Billy The Kid

STORYLINE: A wounded Billy The Kid staggers into the remote and mostly deserted Western town of Hell’s Heart to recuperate — but soon realizes that he’s pinned down in a trap. The townspeople have been systematically stalked by a tribe of fearful supernatural entities, the Manitou, who now want Billy as their special trophy kill.

FIRST IMPRESSION: The sepia tone and lack of briefs give me Deadwood.

POSSIBLE BREAKOUT STAR: Ryan McIntyre as Doc Holliday. You may already have seen Ryan, who was on an episode of Shameless a few weeks ago, playing “Full Frontal Frat Boy.”

BRIEFS SCORE – 1: Long Johns? Seriously.

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