“The Carrie Diaries” Episode 110: Seventeen Candles

“We are going to have so many babies.”

If you need a primer on the characters..

This will be a mini-cap, focusing primarily on gay-in-training Walt.

Walt and Maggie decide to make amends, just in time for Carrie’s 17th birthday. Maggie is ready to grovel, but Walt admits that it wasn’t all her fault. He couldn’t love her the way she deserves to be loved, which should be a huge rainbow flag for Maggie, but this is 1985, and the Ask J.T. column is still a few decades away, so how’s a girl to know how to interpret gay signals?

Carrie wants to throw herself a birthday party, but Larissa wants her to work the Interview party for the hot new book Less Than Zero, and its future Twitter Asshat author the same night. When Plus One Sebastian has to back out (his estranged mother wants to see him), Carrie asks Walt to go in his place (and let’s face it, Walt can better appreciate the event than the Floppy Blond Wonder).

“That’s odd, I’m feeling a “ping” about what I’m seeing. Almost like a kind of …gay … radar. What could it be?”

At the book party, Walt sees Carrie’s co-worker Bennett, and smalltown boy runs away, turns away, runs away, but eventually gathers his courage, and approaches Bennet.

Walt: “You may not remember me”
Bennett: “Walt. I remember”
Walt: “Can i just say how sorry I am?”
Bennett: “It’s okay.”
Walt: “It’s not okay. What I did on Halloween. I was not myself.”
Bennett: “I had no idea you were a high school from Connecticut. I would never have put the moves on you. Totally inappropriate.”
Walt: “Um, I called you a fag. I think I win for inappropriate.”
Bennett: “Eh, it’s not the nicest word for what I am. But I am gay, and I don’t have an issue with that. Not that I didn’t struggle with it. I spent all of high school and most of college hoping and praying and trying so hard not to be gay.”
Walt: “And then what happened?.”
Bennett: “I kissed someone I really liked. And it wasn’t a girl, it was Mark, And he helped me realize that I wasn’t a freak. And now I look back at high school and realize, ‘Well, that explains the Steve McQueen posters!’”

As a quickly inebriated Sebastian crashes the party, and starts embarrassing himself and Carrie, she notices the connection between Bennett and Walt, and “begins to wonder.” Okay, that’s close to “I couldn’t help but wonder,” but not quite.

“And when you call this number to confirm, they’ll give me my toaster oven.”

Before he leaves, Walt asks Bennett if he’d like to hang out again. Bennett gives him his card, and says, “Any Time.” I’m glad Walt has a gay mentor now, and hopefully we’ll see more of these two together as Walt continues his journey. But it might be hard on Maggie, who tells him that she’s ready whenever he is … to get back together.

On a sidenote, last night on Twitter, the question was asked about what portmanteau Bennett and Walt should have. Amy B. Harris (the writer of The Carrie Diaries) suggested Belt, and then I gave the obvious (to me) answer … BenWa … which was met by stone silence. Thankfully, actor Jake Robinson, who plays the adorable Bennett, threw me a bone.

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