The Dateability Index: How Do Your Favorite Gay TV Characters Rate?

Which characters are the most date-worthy … and who should be avoided.

Still the gold standard in gay TV character dateability

Dating can be tough, especially if you look to daytime and primetime TV for your role models (and don’t we all?) Luckily, here at The Backlot, we’re ready to help you out with our Dateability Index, which rates the pros and cons of some of the most popular current gay TV characters.

Each man will be judged on a scale of one to five Scotty Wandells, because the Brothers & Sisters character was, of course, the greatest dateable man in TV history. Can any current characters measure up? Take a look.

Blaine Anderson, Glee

Blaine Cries

Pros: Hottest when crying. Has hot brother. “Blaine” works well for most portmanteau.

Cons: Falls easily for dumb straight blonds. Will let you know he cheated by singing a sad, slow acoustic version of the song he wooed you with. Likely Grindr account.

Dateability: Tread lightly, or this teenage dream will become a nightmare.

Agron DeGladiator, Spartacus

Pros: Will come down from the cross for you. Will protect you from horny pirates.

Cons: Will protect you from horny pirates. Likes to cut things.

Dateability: A catch! If either of you live past the age of 30.

Will Horton, Days Of Our Lives

Pros: Hottest when crying. Will fantasize about you in shower. Listens to hot indie band Magic Coach.

Cons: Knocked up ex-girlfriend. Incurred wrath of of sociopath. Harridan mother. Oh hell, we don’t have enough space to list everything.

Dateability: Run!

Cameron Tucker, Modern Family

Pros: Rum Tum Tugger; Fizbo.

Cons: Overly sensitive; Misunderstands situations for comic effect. Suspicious of lesbians.

Dateability: Cameron has a big heart, but he has a tendency to take things the wrong way …and personally. And he holds a grudge. And has “future Toddlers & Tiaras parent” written all over him.

John Cooper, Southland

Pros: Law bringer; Tough, but heart of gold; Good to have around in hostage situation, shootout, or when getting parking ticket. Newly sober.

Cons: Yells at kids; Aching back; Was trained by Major Dad.

Dateability: Maybe wait until he takes early retirement.

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