The Five Gayest “Buffy” Episodes Ever

The Logo Network is airing the greatest TV show ever, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And even better,
they’re asking folks to identify their favorite episodes via a neat drag and
drop voting widget on the LogoTV

The thirty most popular selections will be aired in a
special Buffy marathon on Logo June 11th-13th.

You can vote
for whatever episodes you want, but here at we thought we’d make
a special plug for the Five Gayest Buffy
Episodes Ever

1. “Phases”

Meet Larry Blaisdell. For season one and much of season two, this football jock bullied Xander and harassed the ladies. But that all changed in “Phases.” The Scoobies are investigating a series of what looks like werewolf attacks, and Xander tries to question Larry without actually saying the word “werewolf.” The two guys get their lines seriously crossed. Xander tells Larry he’s “gone through something similar myself,” and Larry thinks Xander is talking about being gay. Relieved at finally having someone to talk to, Larry comes out to Xander. 

Larry: You. You of all people. You bring it out of me.
It probably would’ve slipped out even if I wasn’t here.
No, because knowing you went through the same thing. Made it easier for me.
Larry, I am not…
It’s ironic. I mean, all those times I beat the crap out of you? It must’ve been because I recognized something in you that I didn’t want to believe about myself.

Finally unburdened by coming out, Larry evolves into a much better person. In “The Wish” he shows up as vampire-hunting “white hat” in a nightmarish alternate reality, and at the end of season three he’s one of the graduating students who dies heroically fighting the giant snake Mayor.

R.I.P. Larry. We didn’t know you well enough. But we’d have known you far less if you hadn’t come out! 

Oh, and bonus points to this epiosde for giving us a shot of Oz waking up naked in the woods after a night of werewolfing. Woof.

“Now where did I leave my pants…”


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