“The Following” 1.06 Recap: Claire and Present Danger

In this week’s episode of The Following, Trio Loco‘s holiday in the country comes to a bloody end, we learn more about Brass Cupcake Debra Parker‘s obsession with cults, and Claire finds that she has a new admirer.

We pick up where we left off: Probsgay Paul (Adan Canto) has a gun to Ryan‘s (Kevin Bacon) head, and Joey (don’t know, don’t care) is trying to decide how to best avoid being an actual character with independent thought processes rather than a plot device with toys. Paul takes Ryan’s gun and sends Joey to his room (Joey happily obliges. SUCCESS!). Jacob (Nico Tortorello) freaks out, and Ryan tells the trio that the cops, the Feds, the President, Santa Claus and the subscriptions department of the Lillian Vernon catalog all know that they are there, so they’d better f*cking hide.

Jacob is afraid to approach Ryan to tie him up, which Ryan exacerbates by telling him that if he gets within an arm’s reach he’ll snap his neck and break his back. Paul counters by not offering his guest any coffee or tea.

Claire (Natalie Zea), meanwhile, is happily riding shotgun with her new friend, not-Roderick. They pull into a garage of a large industrial building and he leads her through a heavy gate (which he closes and locks behind them) and into to his hovel, which has lots of computers and manila folders. It’s about as exciting as a Social Security office. Claire demands to know where Joey is, and the guy chokes her. Same customer service as the Social Security office too, I see!

She asks her escort how he knows Joe, and we get a flashback to the man – Charlie – visiting Joe (James 100%PureFoy) in prison. They certainly saved budget on locations for this, didn’t they? This flashback visitation booth is getting as much play as the lockers from You Can’t Do That on Television.

Turns out Charlie was a soldier and he has killed nine people, only some of them in the line of duty. He’s also the guy that helped build the servers at the library that helped Joe communicate in secret. Turns out Roderick hooked him up with Joe – and, with his dishonorable discharge, he’s happy to have the opportunity to be of service.

Back in the present, Charlie Girl Claire notices a photo of herself sticking out of a file folder and knocks it on the ground, where bunches more spill out. Charlie tells her that he’s not going to hurt her, and that she has to trust him: “I’m your follower.” Man really knows how to put a gal at ease, doesn’t he?

Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore), meanwhile, shows up with the Duchess County cops and tries to keep them focused on the siege. Fortunately the feisty and glamorous Agent Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) arrives – via fabucopter – and he briefs her on everything. They know that Trio Loco have emailed someone, and the kind of frumpy local lady cop chirps, “WiFi bounced to satellite!” which I swear is what they blame everything on around here. “Dog ate my WiFi, honest!” And the email’s encrypted? Damn!

Inside the house, Ryan sass-talks the gays and plays Jacob and Paul off of one another. Emma (Valorie Curry) returns, having drugged Joey with “his special milk” (Atta girl!), and at the first sign of lip from Ryan she tases him right in the pacemaker. She tells Ryan that the taser was Joe’s idea. Emma then tries to get Ryan to make a phone call, but he says no, adding that she has no leverage to get him to do anything. She drags Meghan (Li Jun Li) up from the cellar, tases her in front of him, and says, “Leverage THIS!” Ryan stares daggers at Emma.

Joe, meanwhile, gets an update from Olivia (Renee Goldsberry), who demands to know what she’s now a part of and by the way did they happen to keep her fingers? He tells her she doesn’t want to know that she has been instrumental in kicking off the kidnapping of Claire, then tells her anyway, then tells her he didn’t tell her.

Mike gets a call from Ryan, but Parker totally sticks her nose in and starts complimenting Emma on her artwork back at the cult home. She tells her that all the paintings look like Emma’s mother, and she wonders if Emma might regret killing her just a tiniest bit. Emma hangs up on her and goes to check their email.

While alone with the formerly gays, Ryan asks them if they’re actually gay or not. Jacob insists he isn’t.


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