“The Following” 1.08 Recap: “Is This Place Insane or WHAT?”

Now that Joe and his Followingers are happily nested in the Joe Carroll Dream House, the show – and Emma, in particular – seems to want to pretend that the previous seven weeks never happened. It’s a whole new show, with a whole new cast and a whole new focus! The only true constant is, of course, the familiar face of star Kevin Bacon – which, like a trusty, well-worn baseball mitt, is always ready to catch whatever curveball the show throws his way.

Let’s see if Ep. 8 got it over the plate, shall we?

Okay, so they FINALLY changed the intro, after I complained last week. Is someone up there listening?

Joe (James 100%PureFoy) tells Joe Junior (Don’tKnow Don’tCare) that he knows that he is afraid of him, but he hopes that will change. Good luck with that. And Joe Junior (Joeliet?), thanks for coming to work – you can go home now, because we won’t be seeing you again any time soon.

Also, at right about this point my hubby – who has refused to watch this show up until this point and is only with me now because he is weighed down by a cat and a key lime tartlet – turns to me and asks of Joe, “Who’s that? He’s like an undercooked Thomas Jane.”

I leave you with the evidence to make of that comment what you will:

Meanwhile, the Followingers have gathered in the foyer of the mansion to welcome Joe to the house (again) with a rousing rendition of “Be Our Guest”. If you’re stressed, it’s mass murder we suggest!

At the Fedpound, yet ANOTHER agent has been assigned to the case (still no word of what’s become of the older black dude who vanished like three episodes ago): His name may be McDonovan, and he may be a survivor of the CW’s awesomely bad Ringer. DEVELOPING.

Back at Crazy Pines, Emma (Valorie Curry) tells Joe that she didn’t realize that there were so many cultists. She also lies and says she hasn’t heard from Jacob or Paul – but I have a feeling Joe knows she’s lying.

Suddenly a cop car pulls up with sirens blazing – it’s Roderick! He’s the sheriff. And we’ve never seen him before. Okay.

We get a flashback to Joe talking to Roddy in the infinitely reusable prison visitation set, where Roddy thanks Joe for taking the fall for a couple of chicks that he himself killed. Back in the present, Rod shows Joe around, blithely commenting, “Is this place insane or WHAT?!” No, I think you pretty much nailed it with “insane” – though I may add “with the original moldings and charming Antebellum accents”.

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