The Gay-List: Staff Picks and Final Call for Voting!

Folks, tomorrow is your last chance to cast your votes for the
, which is our reader poll to determine the top 50 favorite gay and bisexual
male celebrities. The poll closes at midnight Friday and nearly 30,000 name votes have already been cast.

Last week we told you who the early Gay-List front runners
were. Today we thought we’d ask the staff here at to identify their favorite gay/bi celebrities. You can tell a lot about a person by the people they admire….


Brent Hartinger’s Picks…

Neil Patrick Harris
For all the praise he’s gotten for coming and being out, I
still don’t think it represents his true importance: what he risked and what
he’s achieved. He’s our “Ellen.”

Barney Frank
What I said about Harris? It’s also true of Frank.

Cheyenne Jackson
is a little like Jesus — he died so that Neil Patrick Harris and other out
celebrities could live. I’m still hoping he gets the break-out hit role he

Dan Savage
The guy knows how to make a point in savvy, media-friendly
sound-bites. He’s also brilliant.

Gore Vidal
I disagree with some
of what he says, but when you’ve been taking on homophobes since the 1940s, you
have my undying respect. Talk about being vindicated!

Elton John
Mock him all you want, but the guy started it all. Bonus
points: unlike a lot of newly out celebrities, he’s never said, “Oh, I was
never in the closet!”

Jonathan Groff
Coming out so early in his career, and without the life-long
financial support of hit TV show? This guy has courage the rest of us can only
dream about.

RuPaul Charles
One of the most interesting things about Drag
is how it proves, everyone week, that no one has what RuPaul has.
The man simply has “it” — and he’s legitimized the sub-culture of
drag in a way I would’ve thought impossible even three years ago.

Armistead Maupin
Literally one of the first people to put “gay” in
mainstream, popular entertainment — and in a way that was not, in any way,
watered down. Again, despite all the accolades, still not given the credit he

Sir Ian McKellen
The man came out in 1988 — and immediately went to work
changing the U.K.’s
laws. His later career, with its Oscar nominations and box office smashes, is
exactly what I wish for.

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