The Hot Men of Fall TV: 12 Hunky Actors Who Will Have You Tuning In This Season

My prediction for the fall 2011 season: record-breaking heat, with a 100% chance of sexy. Well, on TV anyway. See, even as the weather begins to cool down, the small screen will be heating up as a mixture of hotties both established and up-and-coming will grace our TV sets in the quickly-approaching crop of fall shows.

From fairytale princes and teenage witches to supernatural hunters and ‘60s playboys, this fall season offers up a titillating assortment of hunky new characters – all of them brought to life by a group of fetching performers who will no doubt have us drooling at our TV screens come September. Below I’ve compiled a list of 12 to get your tongues wagging.

Note: The 2011 fall season is also lamentably short on performers of color, which is sadly reflected in the following list. Nevertheless, while only three of the twelve actors I highlight below belong to a racial minority, that still surely represents a far better percentage than what you’ll see on TV this fall.

Joshua Bowman, Revenge (ABC)

Former rugby player Joshua Bowman would be a stone-cold hunk no matter what profession he chose, but luckily for us he turned to acting, recently catching our attention with his role as bisexual rugby player Max on ABC Family’s Make It Or Break It.

Now the dark-haired British thesp is turning up in this fall’s new ABC series Revenge as Daniel Grayson, the unsuspecting boyfriend of vindictive Hamptons hell-raiser Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp).

Though he unfortunately won’t be playing a bisexual character this time around, we have it on good authority that a (possibly) gay, Tom Ripley-esque friend of Daniel’s will be showing up later in the season. In other words, keep your fingers crossed for another man-on-man liplock.

Eddie Cibrian, The Playboy Club (NBC)

Best known for his roles on shows like Sunset Beach, Third Watch, and Invasion, dimpled hottie Eddie Cibrian is best remembered by GLBT audiences for his role as secretly-gay beefcake Rock in the cult film But I’m a Cheerleader.

Unlike that character, you probably won’t be seeing the actor donning cut-off jean shorts in this fall’s The Playboy Club, but nevertheless he’ll be getting plenty of screen time in his role as ‘60s D.A. hopeful Nick Dalton.

As such, he should provide a stimulating alternative for gay viewers looking for a little man candy to balance out all the breasts and bunny tails.

Joshua Dallas, Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Though he hasn’t been around for long, Indiana native Joshua Dallas is rising quickly through the ranks of mythical characters, both with his role as Fandral in this year’s Thor and now as Prince Charming in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.

With his reddish-brown hair, stunning green eyes and chiseled features, Dallas is a perfect embodiment of the fairytale character, who here has been banished from his own mythical land to the town of Storybrooke, Maine by an Evil Queen.

Along with the rest of his fairytale companions he’s also been afflicted with amnesia, so look for plenty of adorable looks of puzzlement going forward.

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