The Morning Meme: “Lost” Is Back, GaGa Gets Endorsements, and Green Day Heads to Broadway

Info Meme

So … Lost is coming
back. That frees up an hour each week for me, because I had to pee during season 2, and have no clue as to what’s happening. Not content to make me feel
dumb on my couch, now the stars
and fans are petitioning
Disney to scrap the iconic-yet-dull Tom Sawyer
Island in Walt Disney World and turn it into Lost island.

But I may not have a free week as soon as I thought, because
the White House is thinking about having President
give the State of the Union address
on February 2
, when Lost is
set to premiere. Nobody is quite sure if ABC would move their big premiere, or
tell the White House to bite them.

Of all the things on Fox Sunday night, the least offensive
thing I saw was American Dad, where Roger tricked Stan into giving their race horse a rub down with a happy ending.
Now The Cleveland Show, with the old
pervert, and the 8-year-old kid calling gay sex “giggle worthy” – that offended
me. Meanwhile, The Parent’s Television
Council is upset about the horse thing
. Well, at least the horse was

It’s a fine line between obsession and genius. These 100 cupcakes, each
decorated with an iconic board or video game, straddles that line in a really
dangerous way.

I never thought I’d be writing these words, but at
International CES today, Polaroid
announced that Lady GaGa is joining
them as a Creative Director
to revive the brand that was bought for
pennies by liquidation specialists Gordon Brothers. No, I don’t know what that
means, but I guess Lady GaGa is a very visual artist, and Polaroid is about
images. No, I still don’t get this.

Cracked has a killer list of the 7
Ballsiest Ways Anyone Ever Quit a Job
. From nudity to cakes to computer
hacks they’ve got it all. Personally, I think anyone actually quitting a job
willingly in this economy is ballsy.

Murder Music mogul Buju
to face a judge today in Miami
on his cocaine with intent to distribute
charges. There are so many things I’d feel justified in saying, but unless he’s
convicted, I can’t say half, and the others are just too rude for our pages.
Enjoy prison!

I’m not at all sure how you come to a conclusion this
precise, but
a station in Wales has figured out
that their football highlights
program was watched by exactly zero people. Zero. Did somebody forget to take
the lens cap off or something?

The Human Rights Campaign has released an iPhone app to help
you research your shopping habits on the go, and make sure you’re buying from companies
that support equality. According
to this review from The Bilerico Project
, it’s got some flaws, but
actually has a five-star rating in the App Store.

Taylor Lautner is now being paid by the ab. He’s
the highest paid teen actor
, picking up $7.5 million for his next
non-Twilight film, Northern Lights. Supposedly Zac Efron never came close to that number.

TVBytheNumbers, who has never been fond of Southland as a business proposition, seems
to think that based on the results
of Men of a Certain Age on TNT, Southland
has a chance to be a success if it can perform similarly.

Gender equality is important, too, so I think it’s great
that the new spokesperson
for Jenny Craig is funnyman Jason Alexander. That’s right, George
from Seinfeld is trying to slim down
in the public view. Jenny must have seen a market in fat men.

American Idiot,
the stage adaptation of the Green Day
album, is
headed to Broadway
. Preview performances will begin at the St. James
Theater March 24, with lyrics by bisexual frontman Billy Joe Armstrong.

Belinda Carlisle
is being quoted as saying she was shocked by her 17-year old-son coming out,
but I haven’t read the whole interview, in Attitude
, and the excerpts
seem to be awfully sensational
. Anybody who’s read the whole thing can
chime in. I saw some political videos by her son late last year, and that is
one well adjusted, driven young man she needn’t worry about.

I was unfamiliar with Reel Geezers, who do film reviews, but
this thing they did
on Tom Ford’s
A Single Man is just great. Sure,
some of what they say is politically incorrect, but there’s no malice there,
just a product of their very advanced age. But they loved the movie. Watch,
laugh, love.

Speaking of A Single
, much has been made of Weinstein not sending out screeners for the
Writer’s Guild Awards, but
this summary explains
it’s not about the film, but the fact that Tom Ford
wrote the screenplay himself, and doesn’t have membership, so it’s not
eligible, along with two other Weinstein films.

Graham Norton,
outrageous though he is, has always said discussing salaries is rude, but
reportedly, he just
took a pay cut
to two million pounds a year. Still not too shabby. And
getting paid in anything but dollars is a bonus these days.

Fox has tapped Zombieland
scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick to make sure that Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool has just
the right amount of attitude and sass
when he goes from Wolverine’s sidekick to a full fledged

And proving you guys are paying attention, reader JusticeGH has sent me the link where with
FAO Schwartz, you can design your own Muppet Whatnot,
which is the perfect gift. Hint-hint. My own custom Muppet – *swoon*

Photo Meme

We’ve covered the great work that Adam Bouska at the NOH8 Campaign has been doing for visibility before. But every once in a while, we find a celebrity that just makes us revisit the topic. Here we get a twofer – Glee‘s Jenna Ushkowitz and Kevin McHale.

This puts a little glee in my heart.

We have a brand new picture from Tim Burton‘s new Alice in Wonderland featuring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Looks so sad.

I don’t know where this picture came from, but I presume it’s from a Burger King advertising campaign. They’ve done some seriously odd stuff before. This fits right in.

At least it’s an emperor penguin.

Cracked has a gallery of five 8-bit video game characters, analyzes their diets, how they move, then does a drawing of what they’d actually have to look like. The results aren’t pretty

Meet Q-Bert in real life. 

Dr. Horrible was brought to life by the winner of our #biggaybattle, Neil Patrick Harris. I’ve watched the Twitterverse, and several of you want him for yourself. Now you can – for $69.99. Pre-orders are being taken for the Dr. Horrible action figures.

Needs more glitter.

2010 International CES is going on this week, so I’ll occasionally pop up random gadget that catch my eye. Some will be OMG cool. Others are like this thing. Thanks to Engadget, we know that someone thinks there is a market for polar bear televisions.

No, I didn’t men televisions for polar bears.

In other CES news, we turn to Uncrate, who shows us this very cool non-product that I want a lot more than a polar bear television. LightTouch projects the keyboard and display on the table, and uses lasers to track your fingers for input. Lasers, like monkeys, make everything better. 

I wonder if you can lay it down and project large, on the wall, too?

Via my latest blog obsession, ANIMALNewYork, we get the news that a wildlife preserve in the UK is going through a cold winter, and has taken to giving their baboons hot potatoes to keep warm.

Baboons, like monkeys, make everything better.

Video Meme

For our movie trailers today, we’re going to start off with an import from the UK. Fish Tank looks like a weird coming of age story. Still, it has a few things going for it, not the least of which is that the budget didn’t seem to allow for shirts for most of the male cast. Note to Brits: Michael Fassbender should be considered a national treasure.

I know when the whole movie comes out, I’m going to regret saying this. Greenberg, the new vehicle for Ben Stiller, doesn’t look like it sucks. Basic premise seems to be been decides to drop out of the rat race and do nothing for a while, and live life instead of chasing after an idea of life. It could be my age, or the last year of my life, but this sounds prophetic.

Legion, in which an angel falls from heaven, shears his wings to protect humanity’s one unborn hope, looks amazing violent. Most of the artwork also feature said angel, played by Paul Bettany, shirtless and hot. This clip is not like that, but his battle with the Archangel Gabriel, who uses his wings as weapons, is bada**.

To quote Manolith, I’m suddenly disappointed in Christmas. Because this guy’s toy jet has real jet engines. Seriously cool.

Caprica premieres on SyFy in a couple weeks, and while the gay character we revealed doesn’t appear in this clip from the second episode does show some seriously cool camera work and some very minor spoilers, but visually, it’s all kinds of awesome.

Continuing my fascination with really cool short films, One Year in 120 Seconds — the 2009 edition of Eirik Solheim annual time-lapse project is amazingly simple, but really delightful. And considering my current life is at about second four, I’d like to time lapse up to 50 or so, if I could.

Do not mess with people’s fast food, because they do not fool around. In this case McDonald’s got her hamburger wrong, she let them know the subtle way – property damage.

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