The Morning Meme: Not Posen for “Sesame Street”, Buy a Cyberman, Taylor Swift on “Glee” and President Obama, Comedian in Chief

Info Meme

Bonham’s is auctioning off all sorts
of genuine
Dr. Who props and
costumes, so if you’ve ever wanted a real Magma Beast, Cyberman or Dalek, you
can head over and empty your wallet.

I’ve never watched any of The Fast and the Furious movies. I am aware they have some serious
beefcake in them, from Vin Diesel to
Paul Walker, who used to make me
swoon a lot more than he does today. They not only make me swoon, they make
cash registers ring, so Paul, Vin and the gang are back for a fifth

DARPA is the funky, let’s-build-crazy-stuff branch of the
Pentagon. They’re really good at burning money, and I once had a run in with
them over a piece of software they spent a ton of money developing that I wrote
for pocket change. Still, they like to dream, and recently put out a job listing
for a project to build a new robot. But this robot is supposed to be able to
hold a grenade in one hand and pull the pin with the other, without input from
a human operator. Yep – we’re screwed.

I’m not one to boss you guys around (O.K., I totally am),
but maybe you should go join the
Facebook group
petitioning Lorne
to let Betty White host
Saturday Night Live. She’s never done
it, and frankly that’s a crime against comedy. Part of me is loathe to have
Betty stoop to SNL, but the rest of me wants to watch really, really bad.

Do you know that White Castle restaurants
take reservations
for Valentine’s Day? The home of the slider dresses
up for Cupid’s arrival, and you better book soon because they generally have to
turn people away. Who doesn’t want something creative instead of the boring
dress up dinner in the crowded restaurant?

I’ve been pitching different parts of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
at Universal Orlando for days in hopes they’ll cough up a vacation package for
me to come and review the place, but it hasn’t worked yet. So I’m still trying,
and here’s the interactive website with the map of the attraction complete with
really annoying background music that you will want to switch off.

With the news that Warner was redoing Clash of the Titans in 3-D for April, most people thought the only
casualty was that awful J-Lo film.
Turns out it’s more complicated than that. Most movie screens in the U.S. are
not 3-D capable
, and that’s why we generally only have one showing at a time. But with Titans going 3-D, it’s possible that four 3-D movies will be
fighting for space including Avatar which looks to
be still going strong, plus the animated flick How to Train
Your Dragon
and Alice
In Wonderland
.  That’s too many.
Oddly, in my tiny town, our one movie theater is brand new, and while I’ll
never see A Single Man play here,
all 14 screens here are 3-D THX masterpieces.

A nine-year-old boy was yanked out of his
and nearly suspended after he brought a 2” toy gun to school.
Yes, we’re talking about something too small for a G.I. Joe.

Out designer Zac
is very image conscious, even if that image has a flare for the
dramatic. He’s been known to wear a cape or two, and he’s rocked a beret
which is no mean feat. But one way he wouldn’t appear? With  Count Von Count from Sesame Street.  Not even to
be included in a Harper’s Bazaar
fashion spread. Personally I’d kill to be photographed with a Muppet – even one
that made me cry as a child.

Logan Lerman, the
adorable newcomer headlining Percy
Jackson and the
Lightening Thief, reveals that he’s had
preliminary talks
to play Peter
in the new Spider-Man reboot.
I have never seen him act in anything, so I don’t have any judgment beyond not
understanding why we’re rebooting the franchise in the first place.

Over 5,000 people
on a farm in Britain for a Tough Guy conference that left bones broken, faces cut and bruised,
and likely a few scorched feet, since they had to run through a Field of Fire.
You really need to go look at the picture at Daily Mail to understand how hard core this was, but I’m warning
those who don’t want to give Daily Mail
the page view.

Merlin, which some
read as having a homoerotic subtext that we just don’t see here, will air its second
season on SyFy
in the U.S.
starting April 2. We’ve seen bits of the second season, and we can tell you
that Arthur spends a lot of time in
bed, which is good because he sleeps shirtless.

You should go read this open letter
to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, the only military chief to be vocally
against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (hint: It’s satire).

Someone dropped $104.3 million dollars on a ratty looking
by Alberto Giacometti
at Sotheby’s on Monday. That price makes it the most expensive piece of art
ever sold at auction. Not only is this one of the most unattractive things I’ve
ever seen, if you had $104.3 million lying around, literally doing nothing, how
much of a d**k do you have to be right now to buy this instead of donating $3
million to Haiti and maybe endowing a scholarship?

Taylor Swift is reportedly the latest
of stuntcasting on Glee.
I know people like this squinty little girl, but a role on Glee implies you can sing, and I watched the Grammys Sunday night.

Lady GaGa, or a figure skater?

Beetles that have huge mandibles for fighting are cursed with
tiny swords for reproduction. Huge mandibles are the red Corvettes of the
insect world.

We’ve focused on Sam
on Caprica, what with him
being the gay one and all. But Joe
is also an interesting character, and the actor says that an upcoming episode has a flashback
of him and Sam as kids. No word on whether it involves Joe hitting on girls while Sam
hits on their brothers.

The Advocate has a pair of articles worth checking out. The first is an interview with Jemma Thomas, the soon-to-be-ex of out rugger Gareth Thomas. She seems terribly Zen about the whole thing. The
second article is about Ian Roberts,
one of the first major sports stars to come out, joining a lawsuit over a sketch comedy bit that he
feels crossed a line.

James Bobin, who
co-created a show I never watched, Flight
of the Conchords
, may direct the upcoming Muppet movie. I’m all for
anything Muppets, but this guy should know that if he screws up my beloved
Muppets, I will have Animal kill

Photo Meme

Earlier this week, we decided to survey our readers to see who had been inspired to join by the controversy surrounding the CBS Super Bowl commercial. Not that many voted in the poll, and even fewer copped to joining. 

But if every gay site had a few join, it might have worked.

Secretary LaHood, a Republican member of President Obama‘s Cabinet, mimes what I believe is a football move as President Obama enters the Republican summit where he cleaned their clocks earlier this week.

Maybe it’s a golf move? Photo credit: White House Flickr

As long as we’re on political photos, I’ve always considered Sen. Mitch McConnell the Droopy Dog of the Senate. But here he’s reimagined as a more contemporary character. Can you spot who?

Instead of cupcakes, he wants your soul. Photo credit

The optical illusions seem popular, but they don’t cross my desk most days, or at least quality ones don’t. But I think we got lucky today.

You are under my control. Or trapped in my washing machine.

Parenthood looks like a bright spot on NBC. You’ve got that Gilmore Girl lady that everyone loves, and there’s a decent amount of beefcake both young, and well, still young but not jailbait. The problem is that they decided to advertise the show with one of my biggest problems with the ongoing Brothers & Sisters gaybie plotline.

A little scrawny, but I like the fur.

Move over Gilles Marini and meet Noah Mills, the man who is going to be rubbing BenGay all over Samantha in the new Sex and the City 2. I had a picture of Noah on my laptop for a few months now as a possible Briefs Guy, but he just didn’t wow me.

He’s hot, in that generic sort of way. Love the shoes/socks.

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