“The New Normal” Finale Recap: Beautiful Boy(s)

This just can’t be the end. How can a show so full of heart, so full of sweetness and love and humor not be embraced by everyone? It escapes me.

If this is it, though, if this is the last time we get to see Bryan and David and Goldie and Shania and Jane and Rocky and Clay, then let me take a moment to thank the writers, the cast and the network for giving us an entire season of this fantastic show.

Finding Name-O

We begin with our boys facing off against the host of wedding decisions that need to be made. Bryan, the producer, wants things to be elegant. David, the lovable geek, wants things to be fun. Trust me, folks, fun is the way to go. Pomp and circumstance may seem spectacular on paper, but it won’t be a wedding people will remember.

Anyhoo, what David really wants is for Bryan’s mom to be at the wedding. Bryan pouts and whines, because he doesn’t want her ruining his day of joy. Boy, did that bring back memories. I stressed so hard over whether or not to invite my father and brother for pretty much the same reason.

Oh, and to people who don’t think these two are affectionate? We’re less than five minutes in when David goes into his Gollum impression and Bryan says, “And you were so close to getting some tonight” before David leans in to nibble Bryan’s neck. Just wanted to point that out.

Bryan concedes on the mom issue and so we will finally get to meet Mama Collins.

Shania’s Weirdness of the Week takes the form of her freaking out over the fact that she got her name because her mom and dad made her while listening to Shania Twain. First, was that really an appropriate story to tell your little girl? Second, do we really need Shania to obsess over a new minor detail of her life?

Happily, this very minor plot point is actually just an excuse to bring Clay into the story. And while it is very sad that we don’t get to see him shirtless, he does provide some much needed Clay-ness to the show. I think TNN really did itself a disservice by so under-utilizing the hilarious and adorkable Jayson Blair.

When Shania brings up the story of how she got her name, he says in his impossibly dense way, “That was you?” to Goldie. I don’t know how he manages to deliver these lines, which clearly paint him as a cad, with such innocence that I can’t be mad at him. He really has absolutely no idea how the things he says hurts Goldie.

And when he finds out Goldie is going to drop his last name, he has a small tantrum because he thinks that will mean they’re no longer a family. Poor Clay. He really has no clue as to how over his relationship with Goldie is. Though, to be fair, she didn’t help the situation by sleeping with him.

Mary Kay Place (Latter Days) joins the cast as Bryan’s mom! What a simply marvelous casting choice.

Given how Bryan is basically Ryan Murphy, I wonder how much Colleen resembles Ryan’s own mother?

Very quickly we discover that much like David’s mom, Colleen likes David better. Poor Bryan. It’s so hard for him to be the star in his own world when he keeps getting upstaged.

She immediately sets out to undermine Bryan’s every wedding idea, which makes him sulk. He and David decide that in order to prove how united they are and committed they will just make all decisions based on draws from a hat.

No, I don’t get it either.

In complete defiance of all probability, every single draw goes David’s way. This includes ushers dressed up as Sith Lords. I love you David. You are my big dork fantasy.

Unwisely, Bryan ups the stakes by also letting the hat choose the baby’s name and of course that also goes to David. Bryan throws a full-out tantrum, which is entirely understandable even if it’s not really the best side of him.

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