The Shipping News: Angsty Assassins and Never Ending Fics

Hello my dears! It’s Adri this week with another delivery of The Shipping News! Feels and squealing ahoy!

Angst Fest of the Week

Sometimes I feel like the only person on Tumblr who watched The Borgias. Maybe a couple of hundred other people also felt this way and that’s why it got cancelled. I blame lazy marketing, but, you know, what do I know? As unsatisfied as I am with the half-assed series finale I have to say I am extremely pleased with my OTP and how the show wrapped things up with them. Why am I so happy? Because there were LITERAL TEARS OF BLOOD involved, of course! Though admittedly the pairing was relatively short-lived (haha see how I laugh at my own pain?) the romance between loyal to a fault assassin Micheletto and (we ALL saw it coming) backstabbing Pascal was tragic from beginning to end. I watched this show with my sainted mother and the moment Micheletto began showing signs of affection she immediately turned to me and said, “Oh he’s fallen in love, he’s as good as dead now.” One thing about my mother, once she makes a plotline prediction you can confidently stake your wallet on it. There was death and ambiguous disappearance, and most of all, there was poetic angst.

You think you know pain?



Teen Wolf Teasing

To believe or not to believe Jeff Davis? The man has been promising us Danny Mahealani and Alpha Twin Ethan interaction for a couple of weeks now and the most we’ve gotten is some background flirting in the library (which we all immediately zoomed in on and giffed, but that’s beside the point). Yet on Sunday night’s Tumblr Q & A, one of several he’s engaged in on the show’s official blog, Jeff totally honest cross his dark twisty writer heart promised us some Dethan.


Now I’m gonna believe him and hope to not be disappointed again, but I guess we’ll have to hold our breath and see tonight! There’s a fair bit of murmuring and anticipation for the ship out there, with only a second of silent interaction on the show there are already thirty seven fanfics in the Ethan/Danny tag on AO3. I for one am excited see what Danny thinks of the Mighty Morphin’ Alpha twins, that is, if he finds out who and what they are this season. Oh the mystery!

Abandoned: The Never Ending WIP

I want to talk about a problem that has plagued every fandom since the dawn of  fandoms; abandoned fanfics.

Abandoned fics are a problem not only for great, epic popular stories but also for the tiny low quality ones. You know why? It’s a problem because someone was reading that story. Someone was invested in the path those characters were taking and that someone was left without a resolution.

I’m fairly certain most people that actively read fanfiction have some nugget of bitter resentment in their heart over an abandoned fic. To me that abandoned fic is “In The Shadow of His Wings” by Mirabella, a Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter (or Drarry) fic that was last updated in 2007. No, I am not over it.

However, I realize there’s a more poetic way of looking at these things. Somehow, though most of us have read hundreds if not thousands of fanfics over the years, we have never forgotten these. The ones that never end. Were they really that great? Or did their lack of resolution sear them onto our hearts? I think the endless anticipation is what keeps those titles and those stories bright and present in our minds. If we can’t enjoy the end of those plots then at least we can enjoy the sweet suspense for, well, forever.


Fanfic of the Week: “Reparations” by Sara’s Girl

Since you may fall into the trap of reading the previously linked and heartbreakingly abandoned fic above, I decided to give you guys the treat of a completed Drarry fic as the fic of the week.

Reparations by Sara’s Girl is a delightful read that picks up Harry and Draco in adulthood, meeting once again in an unlikely situation and left to adjust to each other and how they’ve grown since they last met. It’s a wonderfully satisfying read, with a sequel to boot (since we’re making up for all that unfinished business).


“Can’t this be done quicker by magic?” Harry asks at last, attempting a more civil tone.

“Quicker is not always better, Potter.”

“Is smug part of your job description?”

Malfoy ignores him and looks at the ceiling. Harry waits for a long minute, and then pulls out his wand, aiming it at the parchment and opening his mouth to cast a simple Duplicado.

“Put your wand away,” Malfoy sighs, returning his feet to the floor and folding his arms on top of the desk. “My point is, that I’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have, and the purpose of this rotation is to teach arrogant, know-it-all, newly-qualified Healers that magic is not the answer to everything.”

“You’ve changed your tune,” Harry mutters, but he lowers his wand.

Read the rest here

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