The Shipping News: Curse You, “Love Interest” Casting!

Hi there shippers, UndieGirl here to give you The Shipping News, our weekly round up of all things slash. Let’s talk about the controversial female ‘love interest’ syndrome, all the Kirk/Spock feels, an inappropriate Twilight pairing and more.

Fandom News Roundup:

  • It has finally happened… the Star Trek: Into Darkness teaser trailer has been released. This is pretty much the most exciting thing to hit fandom in a long time, and seeing as us slash fans pretty much owe Kirk/Spock everything, it seems fitting that we give it a bit of a shout out.

Maybe I’m doing more than shouting – I might actually be screaming with excitement because my feelings have been overwhelmed with awesome. I’ll leave you with this moment, because I have been crying over it since the teaser was released (and I mean literally crying, no metaphors or exaggerations here, this teaser has left me emotionally compromised). Kudos to anyone that can guess what this reminds us of.


  • Now let’s get the Sterek stuff out of the way shall we? Because I know some of you are getting tired of this pairing (I’m not btw, I think I’m actually getting more obsessed, although I might have taken a slight detour to Stiles/Alpha twins. Can you blame me?

Max and Charlie Carver on the Teen Wolf set

Anyway Teen Wolf started shooting last week, which is a good thing because the fandom was beginning to suffer from a problem I like to call hiatus hysteria. We found out that the lovely Dylan O’Brien will be keeping his hair long rather than sporting Stiles’ signature buzz cut. If you’re wondering what this has to do with slash then you obviously have not read any Sterek fan fiction… Derek loves something to grab on to.


On Tuesday the Teen Wolf set was gifted with a bunch of cookies – courtesy of The Sterek Campaign. For those of you that don’t know, The Sterek Campaign is a fan run project to show support for MTV’s Teen Wolf and specifically the pairing Sterek (check the campaign out on Tumblr). Every month they organize a new ‘Call to Love’ to show the powers-that-be just how much they love the show and of course how much they want Stiles and Derek to get together. Not everyone in the fandom agrees with the campaign and not everyone likes Sterek (shocking I know,) but I think we can all agree that everyone loves cookies.

Back on the subject of our favorite new alpha twins, Charlie Carver tweeted after his first day shooting: “Awesome first day. Awesome. #teenwolf #sterek #jk (x). Proving that he has absolutely no idea what he is getting himself into.


  • This news is a little bit dated, but I wanted to give it a slash slant – the second installment in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire, has started shooting and images from the set have begun to circulate. But really, all we want to see is the beautiful Finnick Odair, possibly with his arms around a certain baker. I think put it best: “Fans know that Hutcherson’s character Peeta can’t swim. If only there were a certain handsome fisherman with big strong arms and dreamy eyes lurking around somewhere nearby…”


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