The Shipping News: Dean Winchester Can’t Say “I Love You” and it Hurts


In this week’s Shipping News we get our first look at the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, the Sleepy Hollow fandom stole my heart and I recommend some Welcome to Night Vale fic. Also, the tragic life of Dean Winchester and nce upon a time I accidentally shipped Prince Charming with Captain Hook.

Fandom News Round-up

As the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special draws near, we have been treated to the first in-studio images of Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt from “The Day of The Doctor”. Excitement is reaching critical levels!

Can we OT3 if they are all the same person?(Source)

Not content with the fandom explosion one picture caused they also released a teaser trailer. Brace yourselves fandom – “The Day of The Doctor” is coming… #SaveTheDay

Want to spend a whole weekend hanging out with Teen Wolf fans? Well that’s exactly what’s going to happen at The Bite Convention. A group of wonderfully enthusiastic fans are currently organising the first U.S. Teen Wolf Convention, which will be held in LA in April. Find out more at The Bite Con Tumblr or check out the Indieigogo fundraiser – lots of cool perks available for those who contribute!

Have you ever shipped one show’s writing team with another? Well you’re about to.  Sleepy Hollow Writers got into a twitter battle with the Elementary Writers and it was magical! If this isn’t true love then I don’t know what is.

While we’re on the topic of Sleepy Hollow – not only is it an incredibly enjoyable show  (completely bonkers in the most wonderful way), it’s also my new favorite fandom! We’ve already established that the writing team are awesome, and the cast is just as fun, especially Orlando Jones who has completely embraced his inner fangirl.

He’s shipping things left right and centre (including his character Frank Irving with the Headless Horseman). He also caught a case of fandom induced insomnia, referenced the “make John Green find the thing” meme and requested fan fiction. He insists he knows exactly what he got himself into, but does anyone really know what they are getting into when they delve into the wonderful world of fan fiction?

Jones has even suggested a slash solution to the growing ship war between IchAbbie and IchKatrina: “Can’t we all just get along? And more importantly where are the Irving & Ichabod shippers (Ichaving? Irvabod?)” (x) Personally I think this is the perfect excuse for an OT3.

100 points to the slash fan that can make Orlando Jones find this article. Hi Orlando! *waves* we found a fic for you!

Speaking of making celebrities find the thing, the Misha Collins fandom blew everyone out of the water this week, when Misha Collins tweeted a picture of himself holding a dollar bill with: “Are you Misha Collins?” written on it.

It all started with one of those random popular text posts floating around Tumblr – assckles: “I want to take a dollar bill and write “are you Misha Collins” on it and maybe one day it’ll end up in his hands and he’d be the one mind fucked for once”. Well he found the thing! Read more about it at The Daily Dot.

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