The Shipping News: I’ll Eat You Up, I Love You So

Ah, May—the month for Star Wars marathons and other masturbate-a-thons. Let’s kick it off with two horror ships, a special report from our secret agents at Supernatural‘s NJ Con, a look at an underrated fanwork medium, and a webcomic recommendation. The force is strong with this one.

Fandom News Roundup:

May 3 was Kawoshin day—that is, a day to celebrate the Neon Genesis Evangelion pairing of Kaworu Nagisa and Shinji Ikari. It’s one of the many anime/manga slash pairings that is arguably canon if we conveniently ignore the major character death that gets in the way of the budding teenage romance. We could have had it aaaallll…

Kaworu Nagisa and Shinji Ikari

Whippany welcomed the cast of Supernatural for its annual New Jersey convention last weekend, and the first traces of disagreement (to be polite) within the fandom surfaced Saturday night. It seems that a panel moderator banned all fan questions regarding Destiel or the sexuality of Jensen Ackles‘ character because it makes him, quote, “uncomfortable”. It might have been a wise decision considering the enormous online war on the matter; Creation Entertainment, who organize these conventions, state on their website that all questions asked must “allow our mutual shared time with the celebrities to be […] entertaining for all (including the guest).” The fact remains that it was very poorly worded, especially coming from a convention volunteer who probably didn’t consult Ackles on the subject and inadvertently made him look reluctant to consider that Dean Winchester might not be straight. If it’s any consolation, Misha Collins was asked a Destiel question during his panel and respectfully declined to elaborate on the topic from fear of delving into queerbaiting territory. Tactful and considerate—take notes, everyone.


Star Trek Into Darkness had its London premiere last week, even though us poor fans on the North American continent will only get to enjoy the movie on May 17. I’ve read my fair share of spoilers already (curiosity killed the tribble?) and let’s just say that one of the final scenes in the first Japanese trailer is exactly as we predicted it. I have been and always shall be right. (That was a hint, guys.) I expect the nu!Trek K/S fandom to be alive and well once we’ve all seen it.

Chris Pine & Zachary Quinto
(Photo: Getty)

Like a beautiful phoenix, the Pinto (Chris Pine/Zachary Quinto) fandom rose from its ashes and…flew straight to Buzzfeed. You say “bromance”, I say “your editor told you to call it that, but we both know you’ve read ‘Captain Spanky’ twice”. In all seriousness though, I feel like the Pinto fandom deserves a special award for being one of the few RPS fandoms that can still differentiate reality from fiction and don’t take their ship seriously even when the fans have their tinhats on. Think of Pinto as the yin to Larry Stylinson‘s yang.

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