The Shipping News: It’s Guy Love in a Coffee Shop

Hi there shippers, UndieGirl here, hope your week has been filled with slash. If not don’t worry because we have got all your slash needs covered… including some you didn’t even know you had. This week, a Scrubs pairing, some Supernatural fandom drama and Ferris Bueller is Cameron’s hero.

Fandom News Round-up:

The Vh1 Tumblr got a little slash happy last week turning MaKayla Maroney into the physical manifestation of pretty much every slash fan ever and of course they had to shout out to our personal favs Vhelton.


After excluding non-canon pairings in this year’s Top TV Couples Tournament EOnline has created a competition for “fantasy” ships. Personally, I find the idea of the Fantasy TV Couples tournament to be a bit patronizing, but it’s still nice to have an excuse show your favorite pairing some love. Anyway we know the only poll that really matters to slash fans is AfterElton’s own Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney, but I guess it can’t hurt to get some practice in.

Last week Catherine mentioned that Teen Wolf’s Danny and Alpha twin Ethan are officially an item (of sorts) and that means one thing – let the Danny/Ethan fandom commence. Not sure what the ship name is, but it looks as though Danthan is getting some traction. Anyway it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I have already found a fic, a graphic and a gifset. If this is what we get from a small spoiler imagine what it’s going to be like when we get actual footage!


Speaking of Teen Wolf – our intrepid leader Jeff Davis took over the Teen Wolf Tumblr to answer the fan’s questions… again. During the event we learned that Keahu’s dimples are blinding, Posey’s hugs are legendary and Derek can slow dance. He even answered a couple of the inevitable Sterek questions, stating that Stiles and Derek will become allies this season and there will definitely be scenes between them. And when asked if knowledge of the ship affected his writing this is what he had to say:

“It did make me wonder about certain scenes for these first few scripts. I would not say it has affected the storytelling, though. There has been a long plan in place for certain characters. The path deviates sometimes but the destination remains the same.” (x)

In Supernatural news: Misha Collins’ talked about slash (specifically Destiel) at Emerald City Comicon

This upset a number of fans for a bunch of different reasons. Some are concerned that Misha’s comments about how the show treats slash felt like “queerbaiting”. Others are more ashamed of the fandom’s behavior during the panel. While I could spend pages expressing my own thoughts on this matter, I would much rather hear what you guys think? Let us know your thoughts on these issues in the comments or on the Tumblr.

In other news: the Supernatural cast and crew proved once again that they are better than you by making their own Harlem Shake video… I know you thought that fad was over but trust me, go watch it. Klaine fans were ecstatic when the pairing performed one of the fandom’s favorite songs “Come What May” on Glee last week proving that sometimes if you wish hard enough dreams do come true even if it doesn’t happen exactly like you planned. Finally there’s a new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer… Kirk told you it would fit Spock.

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