The Shipping News: John Barrowman Wants Your Slash Fanfiction

Plus, Netflix has us shipping childhood cartoons and the Klaine forces are strong, hallelujah!

Hi everyone! This is Adri coming to you this week with AN INSORMOUNTABLE AMOUNT OF EXCITEMENT. Brownie points to whoever can spot the Klainer in the room.

I know there are a lot of things going on; many fandoms, many ships. But I can’t be bothered. Not until I get this out of the way, because the day has come. The day when this is CANON:

Klaine Marriage Proposal


// Pause for fainting.// Now we all know the spoilers and if you don’t, skip the designated spoiler area.


Blaine isn’t just asking for Kurt’s hand in marriage over here, the boy is looking at rings. Engagement ring shopping has been confirmed, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Or it might be. Let’s be real, it probably is a false alarm. But we get to see Blaine Warbler trying his damnedest to put a ring on it and that’s worthy of the absolute fangirl storm sweeping the Tumblr Dashboards.


Okay, now that that’s out of my system let’s take a look at what else is sweeping the slash world!

Before I move on from Glee completely I think we should all take a moment to acknowledge the unsung hero of last week’s episode… the hottie in the orange shirt. A while ago Matt Marr’s claim to fame was a spot in Season 4 of the Canadian So You Think You Can Dance. Look at that kid go:

To Americans and Klainers he is currently known as that guy who eye-flirted with Blaine at Sue Sylvester’s aerobics class. Check out Popwrapped’s interview with the actor to find out what got trimmed out of the scene and other fun things.

You know what didn’t get cut? Darren Criss’s pelvic thrusts:

Blaine Pelvis


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