The Shipping News: Marauder’s Era Fanfic and Dean Winchester, Bi-Curious?

Hey folks! Hannah here this week to present you with several exciting TV & movie announcements, an accidental ship from Parks & Recreation, some speculation about Dean Winchester’s sexuality, and a manga pairing that’s near and dear to my shipper heart.

Fandom News

  • Another shipping poll has surfaced over at Zap2it, asking fans for “the most crushworthy ‘ship that Tumblr sails.” Their long list of couples in the running comprises gay, lesbian, and heterosexual TV pairings, including the perennially popular FaBerry, Johnlock, Destiel, Merthur, and many more. Be sure to go submit your vote to land your OTP a(nother) glorious win!

(source: Zap2It)

  • This Tuesday, February 19th, Teen Wolf executive director Jeff Davis will be taking over the official Teen Wolf tumblr to answer fan questions. Submit your queries via the ask box to Jeff starting 10am EST on Tuesday!

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  • Great news for fans of shows on The CW: Supernatural, Arrow, and The Vampire Diaries have all been renewed for an additional season, and The Vampire Diaries has also received the green light to shoot a pilot for a possible spinoff series, called The Originals. After gaining viewers thanks to its position next to new hit Arrow, Supernatural seems poised to make it all the way to season 10!

David Ramsay (Diggle) and Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) in a scene from The CW’s Arrow

(photo: The CW)

  • Speaking of Supernatural, many fans have been noticing several interesting scenes popping up in season 8 that seem to hint that Dean Winchester might actually be canonically interested in women and men. Call me crazy, but after the umpteenth subtle reference and pointed glimpse of a charming smile directed at a dude, I’m actually getting optimistic. Dean’s personal reaction to homosexuality has come leaps and bounds in the span of the series, to the point where he gets adorably flustered when hit on by a guy (8×13) rather than shutting him down instantly and coldly (2×09, 6×05). The arguments that Dean is finally accepting his repressed bisexuality are thorough and compelling, and I encourage you to check out this essay and weigh the possibility for yourself. What do you think? At the very least, it’s heartening to see Dean transforming into a freer and more accepting character. (Still hoping for some endgame Destiel, though. GIVE ME THIS, UNIVERSE. GIVE ME THIS.)


  • A recent quote from Sherlock co-creator Mark Gatiss himself has Sherlock fans excited; Gatiss has suggested that he would like to “play with the idea of them [Sherlock and Watson] growing up” and has opened the door to the possibility that beyond the upcoming series three, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman could step into the roles again in the far future. “I’d love the idea of Benedict and Martin the same age as Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce,” says Gatiss, referencing the actors who played an older Holmes and Watson in the past. “Who knows? Why not?”

With series three slated for a late 2013 release date (we hope), the ever-patient and slightly unhinged Sherlock fandom will just have to continue tiding themselves over with set pictures and various interviews as they train for what could turn into a decade-long wait between future series.


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