The Shipping News: Masterpieces of Madness

The Shipping News

The best art produced for the glory of #slashmadness, plus GISHWHES 2013 and that Glee hottie we ship with EVERYONE.

It’s a Party and I’ll Hug Everyone if I Want To

My dear lovely Destiel shippers, CONGRATULATIONS!

It really is amazing how hard everyone worked this year to get their ships to the top and though I can honestly say that I wasn’t surprised to see a repeat of last year’s final showdown. I am so beyond impressed that Destiel shippers managed this feat while focusing on Misha’s GISHWHES.

My fellow Sterek shippers, you did a great job and I hope you all join me in congratulating the Supernatural fandom on their win.

To all those whose ships didn’t make it to the final rumble, do not lose hope! I am really hoping to see some fresh blood in next year’s Slash Madness!!!

Alright, congratulations and pats on the back over and done with – I’d love to highlight some of the magnificent campaigning that went down for the poll this year. There are such great artists out there making beautiful and/or hilarious art for their ships, I’m bringing some straight to you.

Some Propaganda We Can Get Behind

This year we let you know about the internal debate we had been having over Wincest, remember? Well it was decided it wasn’t up to us here at TBL to stand in the way of great shipping and the shippers rose to the occasion. Just take a look at this art.


This next one is a ship –indeed, a whole fandom – that I will never stop being impressed with. The Inception fandom awaits no sequels and gets little to no new external input, and yet here it is, strong as ever and making it really quite far into this tourney several years after the film it sprang from was released. I would really not be surprised to see the Eames/Arthur shippers take up new wind in their sails after this.


Johnlock as usual, brings the beautifully crafted angst. Celebrating  (do Sherlockians celebrate or just cry a little less?) their brand new teaser trailer didn’t keep them from playing the game deep into the Tourney this time. And look at these sads.  Aren’t they beautiful?


There came a point when the Sterek fandom realized that they didn’t have it in the bag and it was going to be a tough battle ahead. There are countless recaptioned gif sets out there urging Sterek shippers to vote, but personally I don’t think anything captures the last ditch effort desperation like this little piece.


This year’s champions (Queen plays in the background) were militant, determined, and dedicated and, well, it paid off. My favorite vote vote vote fanarts for the winner are these cuties right here.



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