The Shipping News: The Year in Slash

Hi everyone. This is Adri coming to you with a month by month slash fandom recap of the year 2013!


We started out the year with a great big nod at fandoms from our beloved Chris Colfer during the People’s Choice Awards. A lot of us know the burn of getting snubbed or laughed at for our enjoyment of fanwork, so it was lovely to hear such praise from Colfer.

“It is so flattering to be exploited in your fanfiction. I can’t tell you. It is the ultimate high-five. Thank you to our wonderful fans, the Klainers, the Gleeks, all the names you have for yourselves. It’s amazing to be the subject of your fandom.” – Chris Colfer



One day in February we woke up and turned on the radio and then checked our calendars and looked over our shoulders for any signs of a TARDIS. Fall Out Boy? On the radio? What is the meaning of this wonderful madness?

After many rumors and hints, Fall Out Boy had a fantastic comeback. They released a new single and performed on Jimmy Kimmel. Bandom (the musical RPF subsection of fandom) was and still is completely overjoyed. The predicted spike in Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz fanfics is very welcome!




In March the romance between the Vh1 Tumblr and, well, us, reached its peak. The Vh1/Backlot  or VHot (previously Vhelton) romance on Tumblr was one of my favorite parts of the year, including phenomenal fanart and an abundance of flirty banter thrown back and forth between both sides.

Vhelton tumblr



In April we were found out by Mark Ruffalo. In an interview with Vulture, the Avengers star was shown some art and other fanwork for the “Science Bros” pairing. This ship is composed of Bruce Banner (played by Ruffalo) and Tony Stark.


His reaction was beautiful, immediately asking whether all of the fanwork was homoerotic in theme and following that with, “I endorse it 100 percent. You know what it is? It’s open-source creativity.” Read the whole article here.


This month was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with Yahoo! buying Tumblr and sending many a Tumblr user into a fit of panic over the future of NC-17 fanfiction (which is fine, by the way), and the team at Saturday Night Live giving Bill Hader a very special (and slashy) send off. In a whirlwind skit that included cameos from Ben Affleck to Anderson Cooper; Seth Meyer and Hader’s character, Stefon, tied the knot!

In perhaps one of the best OTP-becomes-canon moments ever, Meyers gave his usual Weekend Update sign off as, “For Weekend Update, we are Seth and Stefon Meyers, good night!”

 SNL Stefon farewell(Source)



kindleworldslogoIn June, the world of fic was once again on edge after Amazon’s announcement of their new project with Alloy Entertainment. A publishing company called Kindle Worlds proposes to publish submitted fanfiction for a select group of fandoms such as The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars to be sold for profit. In case you’re not in a fandom yourself and so not aware, “profit” is pretty much a dirty word in relation to fanfiction. Still, Kindle Worlds represents an interesting experiment, but we haven’t heard much about it since its launch. Perhaps it failed to catch on because of the very strict guidelines for submissions that limit artistic freedom.

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