The Shipping News: “Free!”, Drarry OTP and Wimbledon RPF

The Shipping News

Hi folks, Aja here. I hope the Americans among us all had a great Fourth of July! I’m here to celebrate freedom in the best way I know how—with QUEER FANFIC.

Let’s kick it off with a roundup of what’s happening right now in slashy news! (Hint: there’s a lot happening right now, oh, baby!)


Anonymous asked us on Tumblr: “You guys should write about Free! a.k.a. “swimming anime”. The first episode was released this week and it was very homoerotic.”


In case you missed all the hubbub over the “swimming anime,” as it’s been called, Free! is literally a fan-created anime: a series that grew out of a 29-second promo spot for Kyoto Animation studio after fans saw the commercial and went wild over the blatant eye candy and even more blatant homoeroticism. And if you thought those 29 seconds were full of subtext, just wait til you see the first episode. It landed earlier this week on CrunchyRoll, and it can only be described as a homoerotic playground for fangirls and fanboys alike.


So far, the breakout pairing for Free! is Haru/Rin, a.k.a. the cuties in the middle:

Illustration by onsta

Already I want ALLLL THE FIC. Right now there’s only 20 fics on AO3! Let’s see if we can’t up that number, folks.

True Blood

Meanwhile, on everyone’s favorite vampy soap opera, our favorite adorably confused idiot redneck reformed evangelist may be having a sexual identity crisis.

Oh, Jason, SAY IT’S SO. I’ve wanted this since season one: not Jason/Ben, but a queer Jason grappling to come out of the closet. LOOK AT THOSE DOE EYES BEN’S GIVING HIM. Of course, if spoilers from last night are any indication, things are even hotter outside Jason’s wet dream:


But of course all is not quite what it seems in Benland. You know what that means: time for me to go back and catch up on one of my favorite summer indulgences.


Danny/Ethan Tonight on Teen Wolf!

I think I can safely say that here at The Shipping News, we’re Team Dethan. Really we’re just Team Danny/Happiness and a little bit of Danny/Meaningful Relationship. And on tonight’s long-awaited episode of Teen Wolf, Jeff Davis has promised to give us what we’ve been craving: some steamy Danny/Ethan scenes to ease our slash-deprived minds.

“Aja, darling,” wrote a member of the Shipping News team who shall remain nameless, “please stress how the hopes of this entire team are hanging on Dethan.” Consider this stressed. You guys, HOW HOT IS TONIGHT’S EP GOING TO BE? We’re hoping for greatness.



Nothing brings out my RPF shipper like Tennis RPF. Epic tennis rivalries are one of my favorite things, and when you add in all the rampant subtext of the fictional playground of RPF (Real Person Fic)-land, then things get even more fun. As a longtime fan of Agassi/Sampras, and later Federer/Nadal, I watched this year’s grass court tournament with total delight. In the end, did I ship Nole/Delpo, a.k.a. Novak Djokovic and Juan del Potro, the most?




 Or did I ship Andy Murray/Tennis?


 Decisions, decisions. Life is tough when you’re a tennis RPF fan, I tell you.

Photo: Getty

Seriously. The worst.

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