The Top Five Moments From “Project Runway: Teams” Episode Eleven

Crying On The Inside

This week the designers have to create a “fashion-forward editorial look,” which is completely meaningless. So let me put it another way. “Nina wants something pretty.” And here are her rules: No red carpet looks. No t-shirts & no pants. No gowns. “The look needs to be bold in the color, in the shape, in the print, in the silhouette, in something, because that’s what editors will want to photograph.” Unfortunately, the losing designer breaks one of those rules. But so does the winner.

Here are the 5 most memorable moments.


“I had all I could take, and let’s just say, I now have this special Richard souvenir”

The five remaining designers get extra special help this week … from the discarded designers. Um … yay? Stanley is brutal to poor Tu, turning him into his own personal Veedenfrugen (my undying love to whoever gets that reference). Meanwhile, a still Zombified Richard is brought in to help Patricia, but I’m not sure which of the two has it worse.


Yes, Daniel‘s tribute to The Bugaloos, and Patricia’s fringe nightmare were safe, meaning that the judges thought they were better than …


Michelle had the best look of the night, but apparently she broke Nina’s cardinal rule about “no shirt & pants.” Fair enough, I guess. But didn’t winner Stanley also technically create a shirt and pants?

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