The Top Five Moments From “Project Runway: Teams” Episode Five

“Well … I … and … this idea … Miranda … self-confidence … fetal position … can I go now?”

So once again the designers have been thrown a curve ball. Gone are the two teams and in its place are teams of two. I was excited at first, the I remembered how much I hated it during the other seasons when the designers were forced to pair up. Indeed, this time was no different, for the simple fact that each pair didn’t have have to present a cohesive look, and in fact, might as well have been working solo.

But we did learn a few things this week: Amanda is the sister of one of the guys in Maroon 5 who isn’t Adam Levine, Daniel became a sweaty, almost-creepy hot mess on the runway when he was in danger of being eliminated, and the judges are full of crap. To be fair … we already knew that last one.

This week, the teams have to create a performance and red carpet look for country superstar Miranda Lambert. Why is it that country men all seem stiff, bland, and flavorless, while country women are vivacious, spirited, and badass?

Here are the 5 most memorable moments.


“Oh my God” … “Is That?” … “Button Bag?” … “Oh No, Please No, Please God No!” I love that Heidi tortured the designers with her ominous silhouette, but I am the only one who looked at that bag shadow and thought, “Clubbed Seal?”


The first eye-rolling moment occurred when Ben says, “I don’t know a lot about Amanda except that her team tried to throw her under the bus. That leaves me worried about who I’ve been paired with.” Seriously? Until last week, weren’t you near the bottom each time? Let me put it another way:


I didn’t know whether to hug him or try to slap some sense into him. But he didn’t deserve to go.

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