The Top Five Moments From “Project Runway: Teams” Episode Three

“And after tonight, I’ll make a bracelet out of Cindy’s clavicle.”

Once again the Dream Team has come up short, but there’s no denying that Cindy was a major part of them being the losers the last three weeks, so it was time for her to go. One thing I’ve noticed since the Team Season began is that we’ve had very little chance to get to know any of the designers individually, so it’s hard to root for anyone yet. But I was rooting for Cindy because her story (Funeral home owner turned later in life fashion designer) was at least something to grasp on to. Now I guess I’ll have to settle for Cutie Matthew or the Stanford Blatch-esque Joseph.

This week, the teams have to design commercial and press looks for Heidi‘s “Surprise” fragrance. Yes, it’s another Heidi challenge.

Here are the 5 most memorable moments.


I’m not sure if it was the stress levels, or because everyone realized they were on the Project Runway “let’s experiment” season, but everyone was highly emotional this episode, including Max Headroom, who talked about his abusive past relationship. It was a jarring moment, and one of the first times we’ve seen a designer open up this season.


I think Zak Posen (temporarily channeling Michael Kors) summed it up best by calling it a “Fart Ruffle.”


I actually think this S&M Club waitress look is quite fetching, but if she bends over, she’ll choke. Oh wait, maybe that’s the point.

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