“The Vampire Diaries” 410: “Truth or Dare”

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

VDVO: Mystic Falls, wretched hive of scum and villainy. Race for the cure. Stop at nothing.

We open in the Mystic Falls High School gym where Sheriff Liz, the last remaining adult in Mystic Falls, is leading a mandatory memorial service for poor drowned Mayor Carol.

Because forced grief is the best grief

They’re calling her death an accident, which since her blood alcohol level was somewhere between “legally drunk” and “Everclear” means her legacy will be roughly the same as Lupe Velez‘s. She calls for a moment of silence. Tyler can’t deal and leaves.

Liz introduces the new interim mayor, Rudy Hopkins.

Oh dear, he’s an adult, black and not Bonnie. He’s a dead man. Why are they doing this at the high school and not City Hall or the Lockwood place?

Elena spots an un-daggered Rebekah lurking around the edge of the assembly and slips out. She hears crying and rounds a corner to find April. April says that the Mayor’s memorial is dredging up memories of her blown-up pastor daddy and also that she knows Elena’s a vampire. Elena’s half-assed attempt to deny it is rudely cut off by Rebekah’s snapping her neck. April: “Was that necessary?” Rebekah: “No, but it was fun.”

Caroline reaches out to Stefan after the assembly and is appalled to find that he’s drinking at the Grill. I don’t know why she would be; it’s rarer that someone isn’t drinking on this show. She does not have the patience to deal with Stefan on top of Tyler and urges him to snap out of it.

Elena comes to in the school library and finds April standing over her, pissed about Elena’s compulsions and lies. Elena tries to warn April that the owls Rebekah is not what she seems but before she can make any headway Rebekah compels her to sit down and shut up. For once I agree with Rebekah.

Up at the Gilbert lake house Jeremy is poured into one of his signature wife-beaters, sparring with a similarly attired Matt.

Damon is nearby listening to saved voice mails from Elena and being generally drippy. Jeremy puts Matt down with a hip toss and looks to Damon for approval. Damon is not impressed so Jeremy challenges him to something harder. Damon tosses him a stake and Jeremy flails at him with it like a crazy person. Damon easily evades the “attack” and takes Jeremy from behind.

He’s about to put the sleeper hold on him when they’re interrupted by a delivery from Lakeside Pizza. It’s the third pie in as many days and the unnamed delivery girl who will be dead by the end of the episode (SPOILER) wonders if they ever eat anything else. Damon wonders if she’s offering then slips her a few bills not to make another delivery for a few days. Jeremy howls in protest that Damon’s starving them. An unsympathetic Damon orders Jeremy to take two laps of the lake and orders Matt to follow. Matt says he doesn’t have to do what Damon says but Damon says he does if he wants to eat. Or he could just, ya know, leave. Matt runs off and Damon goes back to his saved voice mails, the sap.

Stefan fields a call from Rebekah and wonders who would be so monumentally stupid as to undagger her. Stefan, you’ve met April. Rebekah informs him of Elena’s hostage status. Stefan calls Caroline and offers her the chance to drive the super-stake into Rebekah. She’s so in.

Sheriff Liz and Interim Mayor Rudy review Mayor Carol’s falsified autopsy report as Rudy’s welcome to the wonderful world of cover-ups. He has ideas about the true cause of death and Mayor Rudy figures that involves pointy teeth and bad manners. OK, so are the Hopkinses a Founding Family all of a sudden that Rudy knows about the Vampire Problem? Sheriff Liz double-checks that Rudy’s really up for the mayor gig, noting that six people declined before he accepted. He confirms he’s in and his reason for being in, daughter Bonnie, joins the table as Liz exits. So he’s an adult, black, not Bonnie and he’s a core character’s parent. He has the life expectancy of a mayfly.

Rudy comments that some of Bonnie’s friends missed the mandatory assembly and she protests that he can’t come into town and start making rules. Um, yes the interim mayor can, Bonnie. He replies that a few rules would do the town good and she reminds him that she can help protect the town. Rudy is aware of Bonnie’s “gifts” but being her father means she gets to protect him. Which is why this is the first we’ve seen of him in three and a half seasons.

Caroline and Stefan search the high school while Rebekah zips around the halls. Stefan texts Bonnie that he has her on the first floor; he’ll distract her so Caroline can super-stake her. Rebekah zips up to him and they throttle each other hello. She hopes he’s not waiting for Caroline, because Rebekah found her first. She has the super-stake.

Rebekah leads Stefan into the library where a compelled Elena and Caroline are waiting. After telling April to take notes she spends a few minutes recapping the whole Hunter’s Mark/Map/Sword/Key thing and just as she’s about to ask the money question she sees that April is actually taking notes. She rolls her eyes but then decides she wants a flow chart and sends April to fetch index cards and push pins. Snerk. Back in interrogation mode, Rebekah learns about the breakup and that Elena slept with Damon.

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