“The Vampire Diaries” – The Night the Lights Went Out In Virginia

Dropping the veil between the living and the dead means a bunch of great guest stars.

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

Up in the Salvatore attic Elena punches some cinder blocks with her fists while Stefan expresses his disappointment that she chose to channel all of her emotional turmoil into hating Katherine instead of love or compassion or some other more girlie emotion. Elena just wants to know where Katherine is so she can rip off her head or tear out her heart or possibly both. Elena half-asses some pull-ups and points out that Stefan wanted to kill Klaus when Stefan re-installed his emotion chip. Ah, but I couldn’t, Stefan reminds her, and he suspects that Elena doesn’t really want to kill Katherine. Elena really wants to kill Katherine. Title card!

At the Mystic Grill Rebekah is gobsmacked at the concept of receiving money from relatives for finishing high school because despite being a thousand years old and having attended high school like a million times she has never before encountered a graduation announcement. She wonders why Matt isn’t sending any. “Non ho un intero lotto di famiglia,” explains Matt. Becky figures it wasn’t her mother’s dream to see her in a cap and gown and Matt understands. “Diciamo che non mi tiene il fiato per una graduazione assengo bancario.”

Outside Elena and Caroline are doing their announcements. Elena has one for family friends in Denver (nice callback) while Caroline of course has stacks and stacks. Besides, Elena doesn’t really care about graduation anyway. Caroline figures she’ll start caring after she gets past the hating Katherine thing. At the mention of Katherine’s name Elena goes from zero to stalker in one second, demanding that Caroline give up her location which Caroline doesn’t have. There’s wrist grabbing involved. It’s uncomfortable.


Katherine meets Bonnie in a clearing and demands to know why they’re meeting. Bonnie needs to consult with Qetsiyah about giving Katherine true immortality so she has to take down the veil to The Other Side. They’re in the clearing where those dozen witches died at Caroline’s hand a few episodes back. Bonnie has to charge the spot as part of the “Expression triangle”. Once that’s done she’ll need Silas’s tombstone and its payload of Qetsiyah’s “calcified blood”, which, yuck, to finish lifting the veil.

Katherine’s more pissed about mucking up her $500 boots in the muck and is all Qet-seeyah, wouldn’t wanna be ya but is stopped short as she’s walking away. Bonnie has linked them together for the day. Where Bonnie goes, Katherine follows.

Stefan meets up with Damon at the Mystic Falls Medical Center where they are joined by Sheriff Liz. Yay for Sheriff Liz surviving and apparently not being a vampire! She leads them to a dead patient who has been almost completely drained of blood.


There are four more just like him down the hall. She suspects vampires, since the blood bank has been kept empty since it was robbed last month. Wait, what? A hospital is operating with literally no blood reserve? Damon brings Sheriff Liz up to speed on the Silas sitch, including that the full moon Silas needs is tomorrow night.

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