“The Vampire Diaries”: Prom and Other Disasters

The gang goes to senior prom and you know what that means. Sweet, sweet suit porn!

Previously, on The Vampire Diaries

A grief-stricken Bonnie, having learned a second time about Jeremy’s death, walks through the Gilbert family plot. She kneels before Jeremy’s grave, which is wrong because John and Jenna took the last two plots. She places flowers on the grave and monologues for a bit until she hears Jeremy call her name behind her. She rises and turns to see him.


He yells at her over and over to wake up, to open her eyes. She does, on her couch at home, which is on fire. She waves a panicked hand over the flames, dousing them with Expression. Title card!

The Salvatores toss the old pigskin around their living room while tossing around ideas on how to get Elena to re-install her emotion chip.


Mom always said, don’t play ball in the house!

Plan A is to “pull a Lexi” and throw every emotion they can find against her wall and see what sticks. Plan B is to lock her up until they can figure out a Plan C, at which time Stefan swears he will withdraw from her life entirely.

Elijah is playing Judge Judy at the Haus of Klaus, mediating the dispute between Klaus and Rebekah as to who’s more deserving of the cure. Becky’s argument: she wants to grow old and have children and feel like every day matters. Klaus wants to avoid being tormented by Silas forever. Becks objects, reminding the court that making Silas human would allow him to die and finish the spell to break down the barrier to The Other Side which would release every currently-dead supernatural being. Klaus points out that this includes brothers Kol and Finn (it also includes Esther and Mikael, which no one ever remembers). Becky’s all you never cared about our dead brothers when they were alive and Klaus is all did so. Elijah rules in favor of Rebekah. Klaus storms out but not before threatening Becky that when she’s old and sick not to come crying to him.


A beaming Becky asks Elijah for the cure but he’s all not so fast there, Speedy! He wants her to be sure that she knows what she’s giving up by living as a human for one day. No vampire privileges, no strength, no nothing. If she can do this, he will give her the cure.

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