“The Walking Dead” Episode 210: “You Can’t Just Be The Good Guy And Expect To Live”

“I keep telling you, this is not the bus to the Bieber concert!”

This week’s The Walking Dead was all about the long-time-coming blowup between Rick and Shane, with poor pawn Randall in the middle.

After giving him time to recuperate from his leg wound, the guys are driving Randall miles away from the farm to let him go. But Rick decides to stop and have that heart-to-heart with Shane that we all knew was going to happen. He asks Shane about the Otis incident, and Shane finally comes clean and admits that he shot Otis in the leg, so he could escape and save Carl. Shane also doesn’t believe that Rick would have done the same thing in his situation, which makes Rick furious. He insists he would do anything – anything – to save Carl, his wife, and his unborn baby. Emphasis on his, to rub it in.

Rick also tells him that he he knew about Shane and Lori for a while, and the fact that he didn’t “break your jaw and make you choke on your teeth” shows how strong he is, not how weak. Rick lays down the law, and tells him that if he wants to stick around, he has to accept that he will never have Rick’s family, and he won’t allow Shane to become a danger to them.

They drive on and Rick tries to find a spot to drop Randall off that will at least give him a fighting chance. They pull into an public work station and drag Randall out, leaving him on the ground with his hands and feet bound but with a knife within crawling distance. So that problem is solved, now on to … oh wait … there’s just one little glitch. As they turn to go, Randall starts begging them not to leave him there, because he’s not a bad kid. He’s a regular guy who just hooked up with those thugs to survive. Hey, he even went to school with Maggie, and would never do anything to hurt her. Shane and Rick realize that if he knows Maggie, he most likely knows where the farm is, and can lead those thugs back there.

Shane does the Shane thing, and immediately whips out his gun and tries to kill Randall, while Rick stops him, saying he “needs time to think about what to do.” Rick decides to take Randall back and leave him in the barn til they can decide the next step. Shane goes ballistic, telling him that he’ s just putting Lori and Carl in danger again, and then concludes with “I don’t think you can keep them safe.”

That’s when Rick lunges at Shane, and we finally get the knock down, drag out fight we’ve been expecting. Think Krystle and Alexis, but with just slightly more testosterone.

As they battle (using giant wrenches and fisticuffs), Randall tries to worm his way to the knife, and starts cutting himself free. Shane throws the giant wrench at Rick, and it shatters a window in the building behind him … and walkers begin pouring through.

Randall manages to free himself, but Shane is quickly surrounded, and flees to a nearby school bus, where he becomes trapped inside as the walkers descend. Rick sees that Shane is doomed, and he grabs Randall and the two of them make their escape while the walkers are preoccupied.

Rick has a change of heart, though, when he sees the bodies of two walkers that he and Shane dispatched earlier, They’re dressed as policeman, and I guess this jolts Rick back to reality, and the fact that he’s supposed to be the good guy in the zombie apocalypse, because as Shane is about to meet his doom, Rick and Randall drive up and rescue him.

With Randall safely back in the trunk, they guys head home, but not before Rick has one last conversation with Shane:

“If you want to kill me, you’re going to have to do better than a wrench. I’m probably going to have to kill that boy, but I’m going to think about it tonight. It can’t be easy killing someone, killing anyone. You know that. That is my wife, that is my son, that is my child. If you’re going to be with us, you’ve gotta follow my lead, you’ve got to trust me. It’s time for you to come back.”

And with that, Rick is officially The Alpha Dog.

Until the next episode.

Meanwhile, Beth is determined to off herself, and while Maggie and Lori keep a close eye on her and beg and plead and try to convince her that it’s the wrong decision, Andrea take a different approach, and tells her that it’s her choice, and gives her the means and opportunity to go through with it.

Beth cuts herself, but fortunately it’s not enough to kill her, and Andrea says that by not going all the way, Beth has made her decision, and she wants to live. Maggie is furious, and banishes Andrea from the house, but Andrea, extraordinarily, was right this time.

Oh, and something interesting happened while Shane and Rick were examining the police walkers they killed. The walkers were not bitten, they were just scratched, and that’s how they were infected. It’s a scene that’s not necessary, which probably means it’ll be important later on. Hmmm …


ZOMBIES: Too many to count! It was a zombie-killing free-for-all.

HUMANS: Men fight, man throws survival horror sized wrench, girl deceptively hides knife, Man calls zombie “bitch.”

Below you can see highlights. What did you think of this week’s episode?

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