“The Walking Dead” Recap: No, We Can’t All Just Get Along

The Walking Dead‘s latest episode focuses on useless negotiations between Rick and The Governor. “Arrow on the Doorpost” is another momentum builder, but its best moments don’t come from watching the two leaders glower at each other. Instead it’s small moments of peace shared between soldiers on both sides that really shine.

Anyways, back to those peace talks. Each side’s leader arrive at a predetermined location with their entourage. Andrea tries playing moderator during this debate, but gets unceremoniously booted from the proceedings since men are talking or something. The Governor and Rick settle down to serious business: glaring at each other and trading insults. Seriously, the proceedings go something like this:

Rick: “You’re a drunk!” 

The Governor: “Thine own wife made a cuckold out of thee!” 

Just kidding, Rick would never be that eloquent. 

Back at the prison, everyone’s sorting through the roughly bazillion guns Michonne and friends found in “Cleared”. Merle suggests using said guns to kill The Governor, which doesn’t seem like that bad of an idea. Their biggest threat is only protected by ubermensch Martinez, wingless harpy Andrea and Milton’s dangerously good looks. Glenn puts his foot down against this, to which Merle responds … poorly. The two fall into a big wrestling cuddle puddle until Beth shoots a gun into the air. Suddenly, she seems a lot cooler. 

Hershel suggests everyone follow Rick and The Governor’s lead by getting to know each other. This idea gets interrupted by Walkers suddenly showing up out of nowhere. Cue Daryl and Martinez getting in a zombie killing contest. It’s hard to say who came out on top here. Sure Martinez wielded that bat like a Louisville Slugger samurai, but Daryl does some serious crossbow wizardry. Afterward the two share cigarettes looted off their slain undead foes, because smokes always taste better when they’ve been in a decaying carcass’ pocket for some time. 

It’s Milton and Herschel’s bonding that really shines here. Their laughter, joking and shared respect adds a nice WWI Christmas Truce vibe. Both of them know that tomorrow they may be mortal enemies, but still pause and enjoy the momentary calm. 

Their negotiations drawing to a close, The Governor gives his one demand. Rick can have the prison and live in peace, but only if he hands over Michonne. Everyone parts ways.

Soon after returning to Woodbury, The Governor orders shooting anyone from the prison on sight. Well, anyone except Michonne, but he probably just wants to hash out their differences over some hot cocoa or something. Milton seems perturbed by this senseless slaughter. It would be a stretch, but part of me hopes Milton defects over to Rick’s side and we see more of him next season. Hey, he’s obviously not happy with how things are going in Woodbury.

Rick also reports to his followers, stating only that The Governor is out for their blood. Afterward he convenes with Hershel, clueing him in on how this war could be prevented by handing over Michonne. Even the group’s resident conscience can’t see any way around this betrayal, as he’d prefer his daughters keep breathing over this relative newcomer. 

That leaves three episodes before season three’s conclusion. Whether or not Rick hands over Michonne, there’s bound to be major bloodshed before the finale. Start placing your bets on which characters won’t show up for season four.


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